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Carly Black Is Coming Back

Hey you all :))) It has been a long, hard 5-6 years of working on my music on a serious note!!! I had a band a few years ago...Carly Black and The Shadows. Just as we were getting tight and booking gigs, it all fell apart :( I, then, took a little time off and happened to develop a terrible case of laryngitis that lasted over three months! It was ugly, but it didn't kill me.....I think it even made me stronger (cliche I know, but true). I now have two singles released, a new producer, and a new band, A Touch of Black, is coming together quickly! Gigs, here in Birmingham, are even beginning to come! To make a long story short....music is my passion....and I am putting all I have into it these days. I would truly appreciate your listening to some of my tunes and any support you may decide to give. It is all about the ones who listen. My music is nothing without you all to share it with. Peace, love & l8tr.......Carly Black