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New CD now available!

Pick up a copy of SlawDog's new CD 'Set Free' at any show, or you can digitally download individual songs and the whole album at slawdog.bandcamp.com.

New album ready for release!

SlawDog's new album entitled 'Set Free' will be released digitally on Tuesday, April 7th, http://slawdog.bandcamp.com/ and the CD will be available for the first time at our official CD RELEASE PARTY, Friday, April 10th, 6 pm at The Bridge Fellowship in Pleasantville, OH!

New single now available!

SlawDog has just released our new single "Highways & Hedges", a wake up call that time is short and everyone has to make a decision on which path they will follow. You can listen to, or download the new song at slawdog.bandcamp.com!

CD available at gigs!

The NEW SlawDog CD is now available at all upcoming shows, or download it now at www.slawdog.bandcamp.com!

New full-length CD on schedule for April, 2013 release!

Just to update, recording at Panic In The Parlor Studios is going GREAT and we're looking forward to our first full length CD to be released on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013. (It just wouldn't feel right to release it on April Fool's Day! ) LOL Check out the new song posted, "Jesus Takes My Blues Away", one of the songs that will be on the new CD.

Plans for 2013!

SlawDog will spend the first part of the New Year finishing work on our CD and working on some new songs. Look for our new video for "Prodigal" to be posted soon!

These are the "breaks"

Sorry to report that our drummer, Dan 'Boonie' Wykle, didn't hold onto the ball after the catch! But even more distressing (and painful), he broke his arm, a rib, finger, etc . . . Please keep him in your prayers and hopefully the healing process will go well. Meanwhile, SlawDog has found it necessary to cancel the remainder of our 2012 gigs, but we will continue to rehearse, record and write some new songs during this unexpected "break". We look forward to returning in 2013, healed, rested, and refreshed in body and spirit!

Incredible Weekend of Ministry, THANK YOU JESUS!

Been awhile since we've blogged here, but this weekend was just an INCREDIBLE moving of the Holy Spirit! Had the privilege to be a part of Mercy & Grace On Wheels Gospel Car Show in Sunbury, OH and it really just blew us away. From the obedience of our sister in Christ, Frances Wright, to all the great anointed talent and volunteers, God was moving and it was an extreme blessing to be some small part in it all. In addition, SlawDog got to be on radio for an hour w/ John Darlington on READY FM, London, OH, and our song "Undefeated" was played on the syndicated radio program 'Silent Planet Radio'. NONE OF THIS POSSIBLE WITHOUT OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!! We continue to be amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit and are excited to see what God will do through us next, all to GLORIFY THE FATHER!

Praise God!

We want to thank our Lord Jesus for providing us with some AWESOME opportunities to minister His word! SlawDog has been blessed with the chance to play a variety of different settings and reach a lot of "hungry ears" with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We would like to encourage everyone to join us in being BOLD about proclaiming the truth of the gospel message and the FREE GIFT of salvation. When it comes to shouting about our favorite sports team, entertainer, movie, etc, we never seem to hesitate or have a problem, however when Jesus is the message, for some reason it's easy to hold back. I think we're afraid of offending someone, or perhaps figure some people are 'beyond hope' and outside of the MERCY & GRACE of God. But, no one is outside of the saving grace of Jesus, and He desires that none be lost, but all come to repentance and accept Him. I encourage everyone to step up our game, and BOLDLY proclaim, "The only way to the Father is through His Son Jesus Christ!"