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Every year many people think of things to do that will improve their life or simply do something that they should already be doing anyway. I'm not saying you're not getting things done, 'cause we all know its not enough time in the day to get everything done right? Well yes...the days are short..nights for some are cold and for some even food is hard to come by. No this is not a speech to get you to go out and buy some canned goods or donate money, but to remind you to stop yourself so you can look around. Really look at the little things, like how a kid plays in a box that they new toy was in. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what can I do to make my life better, even if its just to make things better for you. We all have something to give during our lifetime, but many of us may not know what it is. Just remember that it will take your lifetime before your work is done and as the year 2013 approaches lets help make the meaning a new year mean just that...New..new. There are many ways to interpret the word "new" so I will leave that up to you. Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! T Jam

I Miss You

This track will be on the Mixed Emotions album which is set to release on V-Day. Check it out and let me know wuz up! Also if you have jango I would love to be part of your list.

LP Update

The Lp is done! So soon I'll be releasing tracks so yall can hear..I hope to get some feedback 'cause nobody really got a chance to work with me on this project. Because I was so closed in...I guess that's why I called it Mixed Emotions. So look and listen.

Stay Cool, T Jam

Indie Community

Us indie artist has to work hard for fans. You must network with everyone with hope that a new fan will spout. You also need to always have faith in yourself and your music. You should listen to the comments about your music and you might learn a thing or two about yourself. Music is considered art 'cause different people will have views that differ from yours. If I can grab you with just one of my songs then I'm happy with that. Whatever it takes to grow right? Well maybe not whatever. Just remember when it starts to get tough you either are doing something really wrong or really right.

My LP is on schedule and will be released on Valentines Day of 2013. So if you're an artist or involved in the industry then you know that these are important times for me. The wait is over I am ready to hit your ears.

The Process

Not rushing an LP can sometimes be tough. Excited to let fans hear new music is thrilling, but you always want them to like the project as a whole. Some may like only one song when others enjoyed far more. Is that why it is called "ART"? What you hear, the message you get, or what you expected all comes from you (the fan). It doesn't make the music write or wrong, it's still music. The question for you would be IS THIS SOMETHING THAT I WOULD LISTEN TOO? As an artist I want to have a wide range of fans, so I have to produce tracks to grab the ears of many. Easier said than done, but getting this LP done is what I am doing. Love you for your support. Talk to yall later!

Skateboard Event

Am Jam Tour is finishing the tour off in the valley so check out the next tour date and enjoy the skating, food, and music. http://www.centralvalleyamjam.com/

Music and Skate Event

Music and skater event this weekend in Marin City, CA. Goto: http://firstyme.webs.com and click on the skaters page for full details.