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Ace & TJ Back on the air!

Since the announcement of the Ace & TJ Show making its way back on the air in Charlotte @ 96.1~ Numerous Fans are asking how to book "Charity Case" for their special event!

We have some very anxious fans ready to party w/ Charity Case in 2012. If your business, your company, or someone you know is planning a big event~function~bash~banquet~gala or soiree in 2012 ........you definitely should book Charity Case to rock your event's socks off!

We know what you are thinking??????? How do I book Charity Case for my event??

Whether it be corporate, private, or you just want to draw record numbers of people to your fine establishment............ please send your inquiries to our new booking agent Noc Noc Productions: bookings@nocnocproductions.com