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Dj Flip-Uno was introduced to Hip-Hop at the age of 8 by his older brother, who was already was a Dj and Graf artist, so it was easy for Flip to catch on. By age 15 he started to dabble in beat production and rapping as well. At 19 he caught a break and got offered a job a professional recording studio in bowie M.D. Being mentored by the owner, Flip started to fine tune his production skills, thus starting a avalanche of opportunity’s for him. By 21 he got back to his dj roots and along with two other turntablist(Dj Roctacon @ Icon) started The Dj crew known as the GOONIES. This lead to countless hours of mixing’ & scratchin’ & beat juggling, battles, and beefs “but, what fun!”. All this help Flip become a well rounded Dj who now mixes with all forms a music, which help to land him in a band called The 50 Man Machine, which thrives on the unexpected nature of live performance, social consciousness, improv and pure joy. The groups diverse backgrounds in jazz, pop, celtic, hip-hop, caribbean, gospel, ambient, funk, afropop, rock, and folk all come together into one very exciting experience. Flip has gone on to win the Guitar Center’s Spin-offs Battles held in Albany N.Y. 2 years in a row and also won the Kiss 102 Mix Off at the Pepsi arena that following year. He also opened his own recording studio in 2005 where he began producing beats for local and a few signed artist. Currently working with U.K. producer/Dj Angel Farringdon on a collaboration album. Over hard beats and slick rhymes they deliver a energizing jolt of progression to the electronic music scene.

Residencies Held: Rojo Lounge (The Palms) Las Vegas Metro - Saratoga NY - 2011 Pearl st Pub - Albany NY - 2011 Blue 82 - Albany , NY - 2008 - 2010 Justins Jazz Club - Albany , NY - 2009 - 2010 Legends Sports bar - Albany , NY - 2009 - 2010 Bogies - Great Barrington ,MA - 2008 - 2009 Club Lime - Troy, NY - 2007 - 2008 Cafe Zaquor - Gloversville NY, - 2004 - 2006 Newberry's - Saratoga N.Y. 2006

Owner/Engineer of Blackhole Recordings - Presision Media Worked as Videographer/Mastercontrol Operator programer for Channel 16 Schenectady NY over 7yrs Featured In (press listings): Metroland. Daily Spin. Cdbady Compitions: (D.M.C.) Wash DC 2001 5th

Currently (project listing): In studio working on original artist tracks. Doing remixes for djs. Flip&Jig Album (comming soon)