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I WANT MY MTV...BACK!!!!! Yes, it's TRUE, It's 80's night! ! LETS GO, It doesn't matter if you're JESSIE'S GIRL, AN AMERICAN GIRL TURNING JAPENESE, A HOT CHILD IN THE CITY or even if your # is 867-5309. because WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU is YOUR LOVE and ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER so LETS DANCE , WHIP IT and do the REBEL YELL while SHAKIN' in the PURPLE RAIN with EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE it will feel JUST LIKE HEAVEN, and you'll say this is JUST WHAT I NEEDED and might even get a MESSAGE OF LOVE! At the end of the night you'll say LETS GO CRAZY!

Come on out for an Experience you won't forget! Good time always to be had with The Chromatics!