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album, Matyoshka Baby

Another project, K.Messenger. http://k-messenger.bandcamp.com/album/matryoshka-baby

album, we're all whores


things to remember: nothing is empty

whatever lies beneath is ugly on the cover of a magazine but i'm not a cardboard cut out baby and you're not some superb origami

my lungs are usually filled with smoke

unless i'm sleeping in a smoke-free home

we suck face with the faces we see all too often but what's down our throats makes us choke, makes us cough like something we should be ashamed about

my bare body usually filled with you

unless i'm wasted in a spotless room

so yeah i'll be the one who goes into a coma from the piano above so yeah i'll be the one who makes you feel safer when im around

cause if luck exists the bad one hunts me down for survival

eat me up eat me up eat me up i'll kick real hard

eat me up eat me up, try to eat me up

you should brace your face for something coming at you really hard