Keep Remembering Life in Homecountry

These days, I keep remembering things in Hungary back to 1990s. Because of the racial tension and politics in Hungary, my family had to move out to Toronto, Canada in 1998 .I earned a reputation as a professional songstress at the age of 19 and have continued to pursue my dream of sharing my music with a worldwide audience ever since.

So many nice comments about my music!

I just had a new fan say she heard some Mariah Carey influence. I'd never heard that before. But to share a little backstory, my one of previous albums had quite a bit of dance, pop, electronic and while this album is smooth jazz, that influence hasn't gone away!

Blessed & Thankful

It has been an amazing opportunity to work with one of the greatest songwriters of all time, Jim Peterik! His songs are so alive and ring true to my heart. The melodies and the sentiment of the songs are one with my soul. Thanks, Jim, for having the faith to let me sing and bring life to your incredible masterpieces. Your kind support and encouragement let me be myself and truly represent who I am as an artist.

"Never one to be without a song..."

Though I grew up playing music with my family in Hungary, we fled to Canada in 1998 to escape racial tension. I've never been one to be without a song, so by the age of 19, I was already established as a professional songstress in the Toronto area. I am continuing to purse my dream of sharing my music with a worldwide audience, and I am so glad you are all a part of it!

Delilah is a New Music Hot-Pick on SmoothJazz.com!

You can check out the feature here on SmoothJazz.com: http://smoothjazz.com/jazzblast/Feature/delilah.htm

Delilah reached 33 spins in her first week alone with a range of stations playing her songs, and in her second week, spins have already increased by 30. After just 2 weeks on the charts, Delilah is currently ranked #26 on SmoothJazz.com's radar-chart.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks to all ReverbNation fans!



Smooth Jazz Radio Airplay

Delilah and her album “The Sweeter Life” are having tremendous success in such a short amount of time! Already on Smoothjazzradio.com at http://smoothjazz.com/loft/#delilah, there has had 33 spins in the first week alone with a range of stations playing her songs which attests to her versatility as an artist. While her music is considered to be in the smooth jazz genre, she is receiving accolades in the form of airplay from North Carolina’s Alternative station, TheSound WVOD 99.1, Missouri’s Country station, TheWolf106.5 and Florida’s Smooth Jazz the Seabreeze106.3. She is breaking bounds within so many different genres.

Peterik & Delilah's EP

For my EP, Jim Peterik produced and wrote "Beats for You,” “Love by Numbers,” “One Lifetime" and "Fascination with Fire.” His melodies have helped me to develop a pop vibe and mature as an artist.

My CD "Sweeter Life" is now available for pre-order as well. Check it out!


Jim Peterik on Delilah

“Once in a great while, you find a voice with a certain ethereal quality that speaks to the soul. When I first heard Delilah sing I felt that. It's been a joy working with this gifted singer and her musician partner Dave Sereny. As her producer, I am very grateful for the life she brought to my songs. I'm looking forward to the world discovering this great artist,” said Jim Peterik, Grammy® award winner and Oscar nominee.

Working With Peterik

Delilah has taken her talents to an extraordinary new realm by collaborating with writer and producer Jim Peterik for the “Beats for You” EP. You can check out her latest album here http://www.reverbnation.com/delilahgypsy