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Chapter 2- Rise of BooNation Coming Soon!

Reverb what is up! CBoo here working on his upcoming mixtape, Chapter 2- Rise of BooNation hopefully being release in a few months! This mixtape has been such a learning and reflecting stage for myself and my music and I think this mixtape will be 12x times greater than Chapter 1- Welcome to the CBoo Show. So be on the look out and keep stopping back for the latest news and song updates! Exciting future is ahead! #BooNation represent!

Chapter 1- Welcome to the CBoo Show

#BooNation Stand up and represent! Finally after the anticipation of CBoo's fans, he will finally release his mixtape Chapter1- Welcome to the CBoo Show on April 9!!!! The Mixtape will include 8 songs that you can currently view on CBoo's websites and also 4 songs that only can be found if you download the album! Boo it Do it Big! 330 all day! Its CBoo Baby!

Boo Nation Need Your Help!!!!!!!!!

I want to see what song of Boos is the Boo Nation's favorite! So what I need from all of the Nation is to vote below for your favoite song of CBoo and then also like always remember to keep checking up on all of CBoos websites! Myspace, Facebook, Reverb, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube just add the /ItsCBooBaby to the address. Thank You for the overwhelming love and support and as always rep the 330 and Canton, Ohio. Boo Nation Stand Up! and remember.... Its CBoo Baby! http://www.acepolls.com/polls/1240423-what-song-of-cboos-is-your-favorite