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Black Hare: Peeking over the Edge

What a winter! Album completed and a Distribution deal with Mark S. Berry, and UMG. New bassist to teach and get him into the fold. And looking forward to becoming more of a newer, social entity through youtube, google plus, instagram, twitter, and facebook.

First of all, let us officially welcome Micheal Deeds to the family! He has a long history of music. And fits very well with the Black Hare chemistry. Sadly, our former bassist decided to move a different direction in his life. We hope he finds what he is looking for. Micheal Deeds lives around Eugene, and is hungry to explore how his own creativity mixes with ours. Our third album will def be his own as he feels him way through the song writing process.

Big news in this blog, we have inked a deal to distribute through Universal. However, we own our masters. We will be working on the business side of things so we can further our music into more hands. I do not have any specific dates yet. We will officially release them when given the word. Just be patient Black Hare fans. Just be patient.

Music videos? Yes this year. Which songs? Haha wait and see. We are also branching out and discussing putting jam sessions, concerts, all on google hangouts or youtube livestream to better serve our fan's needs. It is 2014, not 1990. It is coming, so be ready! Check out our channel and subscribe. Note: Normally our jam sessions start around 3-5 pm pacific on saturdays..... Don't miss our announcements.

The music writing during the album has changed our perspective on music. We seem to be changing, as all four of us continue to grow with each other. It is amazing watching this unfold this way. And we already have a great start to the third album (6 Songs in progress).

As we grow, we will find more ways to bring the fans into the folds. To be honest, we are not very social savvy. Picture and video hungry yes, but not very savvy with it lol. We are learning, and even silly comments will get noticed. Don't be afraid to ask questions or comment. We appreciate all comments. So keep them coming!

Finally, we have alot of fans that have kept in touch with us as we fell off of the earth working on the album. They got a special treat for their support. Thank you guys. You know who you are.

If you guys want to see more of these blogs, well, If i see interest in them, I will push myself to try and word everything out for you. I don't believe in wasting energy if I don't have to (lazy or smart, I am not sure which it is 8p). So keep the comments coming. Speak out!


The Precipice

Playing with a band is like a roller coaster: you have your low dips, your high rises and your fast moving drops that make your hair stand on end. We are slowly pulling up to the point where things get hectic, and we are about to drop down in a rush of activity this summer. Lots of things going on. Three songs recorded for the second album, four more getting planned to record and a slew of songs being developed for the album. Yes, we have changed our direction a bit. We are still Black Hare. We are refining ourselves. We continue to push the envelope and try to make the most of our sound. A possible mini tour down to California this summer with stops in between. Maybe Warped tour, maybe not. Some shows we are planning to play in Washington. At the same time, putting money into finishing up our second album so we can release it on Tune Core. No dates yet (Sorry guys lol we don't even know ourselves.) Brand new music video of Black Sea out on youtube. We put a lot of work into it. Check it out, subscribe and put your comments in. We are doing the videos to entertain our fans. It is just for you guys! Shoot us video suggestions. What would you guys like to see us do? Any shows or locations that you would like us to shoot for? We have been quiet, but it is because we are sadly doing the business side of things. LOL We will try to keep up with everything so you guys know what is going on. We haven't been doing shows at bar lately because we realize things are changing. Instead, we are focusing on playing at all age venues and pure music venues to get our sound out. We realize most people no longer go to the bar/music venues to listen to any specific music. And if you do, you are the exception. So buckle in, hang on, and watch out for us this summer as we tour. And thanks for the time you took to read this.


Album / Plans

Amazing, shocking, and a little humbling. Those are the three words that come to mind when our band takes a breather and looks around. We always said when we jam, after a song stops the dust settles down. The same can be said for the way we book shows and record. 4 Months with Taz and band in sync, and our first album is done. We are now selling it on Reverb. The Cd covers are done, and soon, very soon, we will be releasing it to Itunes to distribute, and then onward to CD pressing so we can give the fans a solid CD. It has never been easy being a musician. Never has, never will. It is hard work: from loading and unloading, to traveling far distances, and booking shows. YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT. That 45 mins on stage has to be worth it everytime you get on stage. To hear the fans, and to drink with them and have a laugh. We come this far so quickly because of one thing, we love it! We love the fans, and we love playing our music for all types of people. We love the interaction. At the same time though, it is good to take a deep breath and look around, and see what you have accomplished. We make the music, but the fans make it better. We travel to the gigs, but the fans come and listen. It is like two lovers dancing a ballet. It is a synergy of music, soul, and passion that comes together. Simply said, we would not be at this point if it wasn't for the fans. Thank you from Black Hare, for making our dreams come alive. Don't forget it takes two.

Debut Album

It is being mixed. As of June 8th, we started down the road to spread our music to many people. We got the recording done in two days. 11 songs long and about 50 minutes in length, it should be a hit. We decided to self title it with just the green hare that people know us by. Reason this is is very simple: Its a shout of who we are and what we have become together. It truely is an album of all four of our talents and effort. It is a superbly balanced peice. You can headbang and mosh to it, but at the same time, it is easy enough to listen while driving. We hope, once it is mixed, that you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. And we won't stop here. We are already making songs for the second album. There are already 3 songs in the works to refine. And with Rockfest, and Warped tour looming ahead, we are extremely excited to play and chat with fans. Enterprise show was a smashing success, and reminded us why we play music. So much fun lingering with the people that shared the same passion as us.

Preparing for the Studio

We are getting our songs prepared for a studio recording sometime in June. It really is amazing when all the musicians flow together like a stream. Our last show at John Henrys had AMAZING accoustics and we heard ourselves very cleanly. I must say that we have greatly improved over the last couple of months, and we are almost ready to play warped tour. Understand, that we want to make the fans happy with our music, not parade around like peacocks. We want to please our fans if we win the Portland slot at warped tour and make the tickets worth it.

New Trend

We have four new songs that are coming up. 2 of them will be ready for the April 7th show. As we grow into a more mature band with our styles mixing, we are noticing how our sound is changing to more of a hard grunge. Powerful, and emotional. So Be sure to come to Portland for our next show and get a sneak peak at our new sound.

See some changes in the Horizon

Well, you know as how bands get older together they fuse more into a single, melded sound. We are no different. We have a new song we are working on that is quite different than what we have made in the past, and I think its an indicator of which direction we are going. It is more of a grungy sound with a harder, yet simple melody. We will see how things progress. I , however, see our music maturing to what each soul brings to the jam room.

Changes for the Better

We are getting into a new studio, linking all our websites so we can better spread information to our fans, and bringing in a new guitarist to fatten our sound. I want to thank the fans for all the support you give us. We have an upcoming show on March 23rd at Goodfellas. Also we have our show from Maize recorded high def and very soon we will have it compressed, split and uploaded. Stay tuned. One of the big goals we have is to play Warped Tour, and we have been working diligently to make that happen. Zack is hopping around in excitement lol. So please remember, you guys can support by making a fan account and voting daily for us at http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/BlackHare. Peace out.


Can't wait to play @ Diablos on January 6th, and Mulligans on February 12