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Worried about the wrong things...wrong things *Kanye Voice* Part 2

...Labels and A&Rs look for those who can build momentum up by themselves first, before they sweep in and buy up the hype you've created. It's less of a gamble on their behalf to invest time and money into someone who already has their hometown locked down, who already has a big buzz they built on their own, who already does shows and what not. That's what attracts them. Think about it, would you walk into a barber shop you never heard of and trust them to cut your hair the way you like it? Or would you at a minimum ask around and see what people think of them? Well think of this concept on a much much bigger scale, and thats the same thing. Stay ready, continually improve, stay relevant and keep the people talking. It's hard to build a buzz if nobody talks about you. Another thing that comes to mind while on this topic is marketability. Try your hardest to keep yourself well rounded and marketable.You need to also be able to think for yourself, and be a problem solver. Reason being is there will be no path that is an easy path. So being a problem solver hugely comes into play when a "door is closed". Never take no as an answer. Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team in high school, now look what he has achieved. If you start worrying about statistics and stupid stuff like that, you are doomed before you even try. Keep a positive mindset, but keep a realistic one. Also plan things out before you do them. It's better to step forward a few inches than back 4 feet.

Worried about the wrong things...wrong things *Kanye Voice* Part 1

The wrong things... wrong thiiings... Artists, this post is in regards to some of you. I am in no way shape or form bashing anyone, just simply passing along some things I've learned along my journey. Hope it helps. My main topic in this post is to touch lightly on "focus". It is very essential to remain focused on your craft, focused on your brand, focused on whatever it is you do in general. But the biggest question about "focus" is........Are you focused on the right thing? From my experience with most people, the answer has been "no". When I say focused on the right thing its quite simple what I mean. Alot of people think that if they have 20000000000 followers on twitter/fb that they are making a statement. Well in this day and age that isnt the case. You can buy followers, I see promo packages all over twitter etc, thats not what makes a true artist. A true artist (from a lot of people's perspective) is one who is a talented musician, an intelligent entrepreneur, and many other things. Let me touch on that for a second. Would you rather focus your time and effort into making sure that twitter thinks you're hot shit, or would you rather FOCUS your attention on your recording equipment and quality of the music you are putting out? Hopefully the answer is the second option. Now a days people get caught up in the social media hype-side of things but neglect the actual importance of music itself. Never stray away from the basics. Your music should be as close to perfect as possible. Skip out on buying that pair of Jordans this week and go out and buy a new mic, or some soundproofing foam, whatever it is you need to achieve that goal of yours. The ones who seem to make it the farthest are the ones who reinvest time and money into themselves. Jordans will come and Jordans will go. Girls will come and girls will go, that applies to many, many things in life. However, that opportunity to prove yourself may only come once, and you dont want to be stuck trying to freestyle up an excuse. Or do you? Whatever floats your boat. Artists loose focus now a days, they need to touch back to the basics; fans. Real fans, not twitter fans. We all know that fans are gained from fans. (you knew that right?) Meaning if one person thinks your talented and can see you are taking your craft seriously, they will most likely pass the word on to one of their friends, who will tell their friends who will tell their friends, etc. These are the people that are more likely to help you out in the long run, these are the people who will give you legit feedback. These fans are the ones you need to concern yourself about.

Finding yourself

Far too often I see it, far too often I hear it.. Just be who you are, especially if who you are, is unique. I see it all the time, upcoming artists try their best to mimmic Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z etc etc and basically become a less talented clone of someone who is already famous and established. I am in no position to directly call anyone out in particular, but if you feel this applies to you, then I am talking directly to you. Be original, be unique, be creative.. That's what sells, that's what gets your song on the radio, that's what gets you recognition.. Think about it.. If someone has marketed a certain sound and style, and made it popular. Why would anyone want to hear them twice? Why would someone want to hear "a guy who sounds just like Drake".. for all that, they can just listen to Drake. Right? Honestly, that's my biggest advice, and I've met with people and they agree. Market your own sound, market your own style, market your own catch phrase. Nobody wants to see a clone. Keep it really real.... That's my rant for the day, take it serious though.


pointing out, if you have a goal but you quit. Then all your prepping wasnt worth it


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Slowly moving

I know my music has come to a standstill kind of, but i am currently deployed over seas so time crfor fecording is difficult. I will have some new stuff up soon, thanks to those who still support me

I let my passion speak for me

I never claim to be the best. I just love making music, i hope its good enough for you to want to listen to over and over. Thanks for downloading!