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It's Not The Studio, It's The Kitchen

Shotgun Kitchen is: Erika Bellanger on violin, guitar and vocals. John Sommer on drums Rickey Gonzalez on bass and vocals Joe McInnis on guitar, mandolin, banjo and vocal. Erika wrote the beautiful words and music on “If I Go”. On all the other songs Joe wrote the lyrics and Erika, John, Ricky and Joe wrote the music. “Down In My Basement” features the amazing singing voice of Bekah Jurgensen. We hope this is an honest representation of the music we love playing in the clubs, cafes and kitchens of the Northwest. The music we’ve been playing with family and friends around the kitchen table since we were kids. We’re still playing Kitchen Music, only now it’s Kitchen Music that can blow your head off. It’s Shotgun Kitchen music. Cover design by John Sommer and Gini Hawkins. Cover Photo of Patricia Perez taken by Jil Scott All song copyright 2012