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More Album Decisions

I have come to a conclusive conclusion about a few things regarding the album that I am working on. First of all, I still intend for it to be mostly a folk-sounding album. Secondly of all, I've decided to throw most of the seriousness out the window. There will be very few serious songs. Come on guys, I need to make an album to have fun to. One that's gonna make you smile...laugh...maybe gag a few times...I dunno. The album has a name, it does, it does! It's going to be called "A Sea of Liquid Smiles" and it even has something of a concept. The concept is going to be "Finding Happiness in a bad world" A lot of the songs are going to be revolving around that concept. If you've heard of some of my more recent acoustic work I've posted, then you will get a general idea of the album's sound. It will definitely include "Free Freedom," "X Got Fired from the Peachwave," "Peanut Butter for Dinner Poor" and "An Ode to Happiness." Lately I've been thinking of ideas for the Title Track itself, "A Sea of Liquid Smiles" and I have some lyrics and a general idea of what I'm going to do with it.

Folks, this is not Taylor Swift. I don't sing poppy breakup songs. I don't sing poppy anything, and this album will be raw. I'm not at liberty to sell myself to a record company (as if they'd take me anyway, right? ;) These songs are MY songs, unaltered by studio beautification or a producer. If there is one thing in life I can say I'm proud of the most, it's the ability to tell the truth and be myself through music. Though my songs are as simple as they come, my message is complex. I don't really have a lot of time to work on them, but I'm trying hard to make sure I can put a smile on your faces. I don't want to Jinx this, because it seems like every time I make a final decision on what I want my album to be, my mind changes. I've waited quite a while to write this though, and my mind still hasn't changed, so that must be a good thing. There still isn't a release date or anything, but I'm pretty sure nobody is dying of anticipation, haha! You'll probably hear each song before I actually release the album, but unfortunately, most of the songs I post are just demo versions, and though they do reflect the final product, they are just the skeletons. So, Splendors, look for news in the upcoming months. I'm really excited. I want people to hear what I'm all about. I want people to laugh and to really listen to what I have to say, and to know that finding happiness isn't that hard, because the stuff is everywhere. Enjoy!

Album decisions

So, I made some decisions about the album that I want to make. It's going to pretty much Splendor like you've always known me. This album is going to be an acoustic album for the most part, with some synth and other instrumentation thrown in. There will be many folk elements, and really, that's just an excuse to make the album sound like some sort of epic thing. Folk music seems pretty subjective nowadays, and this album is going to be my take on it. It's going to be melodic, emotional, and have a sort of operatic epic nature, yet simple at the same time. It's hard to explain, but in my mind there is a certain vision. There will be several songs on it that I have posted on Reverbnation, including "Rails" "Mask," Possibly "X"The album will be themed around Humanity, and the weird, evil, and good things humans do, and the possible reasons why they do them. Well, that's about all I have to say on the matter. The album will not be out for quite a while, if it ever does come out, but I will keep working on songs, and record them myself with my low quality stuff, so I'll definitely keep you posted.

It's Splendorific

Hey guys. Vinny here. I haven't used this site very much, but I think I should add it to my agenda of things to do. Honestly, I haven't really been working on music a lot either. It's hard to find the time and motivation. Hopefully I'll have some more shit pretty soon. It's hard to get people to listen, so sometimes I ask myself "What the hell's the point?" I think lately I've answered that. The answer is to do it for me, not everybody else. That's captain obvious, right there! I got a new guitar from my sister, Betty the Benevolent Bitch, and I've got a mandolin and keyboard at my disposal, so really, there's not much of an excuse not to produce SOMETHING, no matter how shitty the quality. Toodles.