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Reaching Out

First is to thank all of you that have taken time to fan us on RB, like us on FB and recently we have just launched out twitter account.

I must say that the internet has provided or rather destroyed any limitations that are there and one can reach an extremely wide audience with little expense. One must however be ready to spend considerable amounts of time, developing the relations since the keyboard and text on a screen can be pretty impersonal and easily misunderstood.

However by and large the social media will definitely revolutionize the music industry. More later

Lots and Lots of Work To Do

Just being reminded there's lots of work to be done as an Independent artist. There's bound to be a lot of new challenges, new mistakes as we overcome old obstacles. The biggest challenge so far is to harmonize the very many social network tools with our own webpage and have a uniform feel all round.

Right now it feels like walking through a maze in a daze. But we are getting there, and it will be right on time and scheduled to coincide with release of the vocal edition of our album In Your Hand for which we released the Instrumental edition early Dec 2011. Do pray with us and thanks for your support

Of_ The Charts - :-)

We logged on to RB today and are pleasantly surprised to find ourselves ranked No.1 in Gospel Charts for our location. Whereas this actually an honor because of the support from those of you who have fanned us, more important is that this is an opportunity that God grants every one of us everyday to do something. The very same opportunity or token or item is given to each of us, sometimes packaged differently, sometimes just the same, but in every instance God wants to show us His divine providence and an opportunity to know Him better and to serve in His kingdom. We are truly grateful to all of you that take the time to visit not just our page, but the pages of other Gospel artists who are spreading His word through music.

We do not want to ever turn this into a competition of our skills or what not, but an avenue for much greater collaboration in the amazing grace that redeems us.

The real ranking here is that God, and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ remain No.1 in our lives.

God bless, and thanks for your support to Gospel ministry

on behalf of


A Blessed 2012

This is to wish all the ReverbNation a glorious and fruitful 2012, and especially to all you Gospel artists who are working towards sharing and spreading the word of hope and the message of redemption through inspired and anointed music. Do keep up the good efforts.

We would ask that you spare some time to remember the many challenges and temptations that continue to plague not just the high profile ministers of the gospel but also the everyday unknown christian i.e you and me who continuously battle against the carnal mind in either little or sometimes big ways. Bear in mind that on our own we are weak and frail but are immediately cleansed and strengthened through Him that died and paid for our sins on that cross at Calvary. Be blessed and may you all prosper this 2012.

On the SAY-Kay front we are looking forward to three key events that we will share as we come close towards the end of this first quarter of 2012

Blessings to you all

Message on behalf of



As we are quite new to this, thought it would be best to be candid/forthright upfront and describe this as it happens.

We are of course quite thrilled at the warm response from RB and rapidly building friends or fans as we call one another. Some fan hits are uni directional while others are reciprocating due to mutually agreeable tastes or conviction. To get to the heart of the matter, as there is such a rich variety on RB, our christian mien was instantly conflicted on coming across title and/or lyrics that we found objectionable. Almost instantly and subconsciously the finger reached out to hit the delete button.

And then it hit me. What if God had that mouse in his hand, and came across our sometimes objectionable behaviour. What if God always hit the delete button when we stumble? In those few moments I once again was reminded of God's awesome love for us and his graciousness even when we fail so many times over and over.

Which in turn brings back the parable of the unforgiving servant who himself had just recently been forgiven but went on to torment someone else Matthew 18:23-35

Anyone out there with some thoughts on this?

SAY-Kay  (over 6 years ago)

Thanks for stopping by and for an excellent response Corey

I especially like the following

"We (the Church) should not be surprised nor ignorant of this but

[if i knew how would bold and underline from here]

in faith bear His light and extend His grace and truth

[till here]

through the gift of music that he has given us."

That right there is the essence of the true body of Christ, very well said.

Maiden Post

This is the first blog on ReverbNation - trying to explore the advantages of this feature