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R.O.W.D.Y's Mind

how could i sit and watch a mistake being made in front of me and not say or do something?

Random Thought

if i move too fast i might crash my boat, if i move too slow, i might miss my boat!

R.O.W.D.Y's Mind

doin wat i need to do to grow in dis piece!

Random Thought

been busy doin wat i need to do, still tryna cheka bag!


I like to say thnx to all my Reverbnation fans for giving me a chance to entertain you with my R.U.F.F.I.A.N sound!

Random Thought

i gotta find dat momentum and ride it all da way home!

new changes

As of this day, i will release my singles thru Reverbnation only, if you want my music!

Pre Release

my come back will be on Feb 14 on Itunes F'd Up stay tuned......

From R.O.W.D.Y

i apologize for the mis hap in my status in reverbnation!

Quote From R.O.W.D.Y

It is not that i have made a mistake, it is more that i have made an advancement in the right direction!