Cincinnati White Boss

cincinnati white boss or c.w.b for short, is the name of my album droppin sometime next summer. this will be my first official single album. i will have other mixtapes droppin before then that will be up for free download but until then lets hype this album so everyone will be aching to hear this shit. its gona have some big names on it that will be released at another time. lets make everyone anticipate this album! till then, be lookin for southern sounds vol. 2!

southern sounds

the whole theme of my mixtape southern sounds is to show that i biga boss am completely different than any other artist in the midwest. i am combining a midwest sound with a southern sound. i love texas hip hop and i am happy to be the artist to bridge the texas sound with a midwest twist. my goal is to get atleast a couple people in the midwest hip to southern hip hop. keep listening to the southern sounds i post because i promise u will not be dissapointed. thank you all so much for the support. lets work together to get me to climb the charts to be one of the top artist in cincinnati. biga boss and clutch time records are here and we aint going no where!