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Modern Mark bio

Modern Mark is the self-titled debut release from a solo artist based in the San Francisco bay area. Piano lessons since the age of three and Sci-Fi movies such as Flash Gordon and Star Wars inspired this space music explorer. Modern Mark devoted his time as a DJ until 2007, the year that was dedicated to the production of Modern Mark. To make the album more elaborate, Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 was hired to render his wonderful mastering skills.

Influences from this instrumental masterpiece range from New Age laden soundscapes a la Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and music from any Gary Numan or Giorgio Moroder 80’s albums (there may even be a hint or nod at such Sci-Fi soundtracks as Queen’s Flash Gordon, and Dr. Who) to modern day albums like Air’s Safari Moon or early Moby and Daft Punk.

Also available for purchase as a download on either ITUNES or AMAZON!!!