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5/24/10 Vintage Port... It's a great year.

Max here,

Friday night we made lemonade. We watched the weather forecast tell us this massive tsunami was coming right for us. Our only other option was to play inside. “Great,” I said. We’ve played inside several times we should be just fine. Come to find out upstairs was already set up for a wedding for the next day and the room couldn’t be used. The only other option was to play in the warehouse downstairs. We might still have a picture of it, but it’s a high ceiling room with these huge 12 ft vats all around you. Not to mention it was a brisk 45 degrees till we got some bodies in there and the doors to the gift shop open. We decided, since we weren’t playing outside and we were in some pretty tight quarters that we would just have a simple set up. All Shaan played with was a kick, snare, high hat, and ride cymbal. All I had was an amp, 2 pedals, and one speaker, set up behind Shaan, for my vocals. Dace had his amp, some pedals, and surprisingly no sunglasses; they were replaced by his newly acquired, gas station clothing section, black (how it should be) “I ‘Heart’ ATL” t-shirt, purchased in non other than Hotlanta, instead. Flops… no socks. We freaking jammed! We did the set list on the fly, played to good friends and family, and drank Chateau Thomas’s Vintage Port 2005. It’s a great year. It has a sweet but strong flavor. Oh yeah, we did a country version of Police’s Do Do. So, the storm that was supposed to hit dissipated and never made it to the show. It would have been a beautiful night to do the show outdoors but if it weren’t for playing inside we wouldn’t have known we could have so much fun with so little. Later we went and hung out with some friends and I found five dollars.

Let’s fast forward to Saturday in the car driving to Elkhart, IN for a show at Harrison Landing. We took the time to review our show from the week before in Clearwater. Shaan France never thought “Fly Like an Eagle” was the jam, but after hearing us play it on the Clearwater disk, Dace and I brought it to his attention that it was, in fact, THE JAM. Punk! Anyway, four hour drives are cake. We got to listen to James Brown the rest of the drive to the club. Load in was worry free; had time to eat (grilled chicken and steamed veggies), write a set list, and change into some fresh clothes. First set was great. I broke a string on the Strat and had to switch to the Les Paul. It was due for some strings itself but it needed some lovin. Set break started with a fresh change of strings on the Strat and a cork with three wine glasses. I had one more bottle of Chateaus Vintage Port 2005. It’s a great year. Set 2 fresh strings… my favorite. We played great but come to find out on the recordings the kick drum cut out towards the end of the set. This wasn’t as bad as having a phenomenal 3rd set only to find out, like a dummy, I forgot to push record. AHHH! That one we’ll just have to remember for ourselves and those who came. It was a good night though. Load it all back up and head on home. I’d like to thank Dace for waking up from a dead sleep and drinking a 5 Hour Energy shot with me. I know you could have just stayed asleep but I appreciate you honoring your word that you were gonna drink one with me. What a trooper. Shaan France you’re a pu$$y go back to sleep. Punk! Love you. I think we got home at 7:30 am. Gorgeous sunrise… McDonald’s breakfast sandwich with extra cheese… Vintage Port 2005… It’s a great year… It’s a great year…

good to be back home.

After a long drive to Clearwarter FL, MAB is back home for a couple of days. It feels good to be back home.