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Artwork is work

Make as much art as you can. Music, painting, sculpture, video, writing, pictures, dance, theater... fill the world with art.

Friends help friends

When we wrote "Hop On!", the theme song for Punk Rope (www.punkrope.com), we hoped the day would arrive when Punk Rope would break out into a wider audience. Well, that day is here and we really need your help to help us help them make a big splash. Can you take 2 minutes to click this link and vote for our friend Tim Haft/Punk Rope to win this contest? http://fitorflop.com/contestants/tim_haft/ You can vote for him once every day until 01 October and you would REALLY make our day if you did this. And of course, this boost for them could be a nice boost for us getting more of our music out there! A win-win FTW! #punkrope

Everybody say PUNK ROPE!

Beach season is on the way and you KNOW you want to look and feel good in your cutoffs and bikinis. That's why we're psyched to be the featured band for this killer video from our friends at Punk Rope (http://punkrope.com/rope-jumping-for-maximum-fitness-dvd/), the people who get your ass in shape with an ass-kicking soundtrack. It's a bargain price and jump ropes are small and light enough to go anywhere, so do yourself, your body and all your summer romances a favor and get jumping!

Hard Hats Required

Pardon our dust as we continue to build out. Brooklyn is currently notorious for its unending symphony of pylon drivers and riveters and The Likely Hoods are right there with 'em, but that's where the similarities end. Well, maybe the wall of sound that make the neighbors complain, but no further. The new buildings in the 'hood might be built of styrofoam and ugly as sin, but not us. Our store is starting to fill up, videos are getting put together, and a pile of new songs are in the works. We like making stuff for you. Thanks for being a fan and keep checking in!