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Its been a while since I've blogged. Ha! the concept of what blog means actually escapes me. I wish I had the time and know-how to do a video blog like Tim Allen does on Last Man Standing. Love that show! Anyway, It's our beloved Texas's 180th birthday! The only state that was badass enough to take over a huge chunk of a country that had one of the most FORMIDABLE armies of its time. We got fed up with the tyranny of the government and we birthed a new nation. Its just unfathomable, even by today's standards, that so few could stand against so many, and overcome! Passion in their hearts drove them. Their rebel spirits and belief in their actions pushed them. They were willing to, (and many did) pay the ultimate price and sacrifice everything, even die, for a dream.

What happened to us? 180 years later.... look at us. Texan or not, I urge you to find it. We have morals, and a God-given sense of right and wrong. We have compassion and love. We have the ability to get off our ass and work. There are people with no arms and legs that put in an 8-5 working office jobs in Dallas. That is a fact. (Coworkers with my sister, if you want further proof). All this being said, why are we so quick to reach for an excuse, or a hand out, or point the finger at someone else because our lives aren't what our neighbors are?? No more excuses. No more blame. No more racial bs. Its all crap and we all know it. Our Nation, TEXAS, overcame it. Our nation, AMERICA, has overcome it. We can do it again. Those boys at the Alamo made a difference, and it started a fire. A fire that swept through San Jacinto the day that we handed a tyrannical governments ass to it. No excuses, no welfare, no RACISM! Take a lesson from those boys. Take a lesson from Texas....

Happy Birthday, Texas. We love you! Your Native Son, Russ

Sponsership Drive for the Texas Children's Hospital

Hey everybody! We are having a sponsership drive at Genghis Grill from 6-10 p.m. on March 30th for our upcoming Fund Raiser for the Texas Children's Hospital. Please show your support by telling the waitstaff you are there for this event and 10% of sales will be donated to our cause and won't cost you a dime! Thank you for your time and support! God bless and Keep it Coastal!!!!

Arkansas Celebrity Interview: Drunk In Boots (Twitter Personality)

RR: Hey Lauren! How long have you been a Twitter Celeb? DIB:I mean..less than a year! RR:About how many followers are you up to and how many people do you follow? DIB: Um...2600 followers and I follow about 180. RR: who would you say is your favorite Follower and Followee? DIB:Well...theres this guy... that promised to be entertaining... Goes by the name of "The Coastal Cowboy". Heard of him? RR: Im blushing, yeah, we've met! So I'm guessing you've heard a song or two of his? DIB: I have! Every one! My friend and I did the other night! Well atleast all the ones on reverbnation.com RR: Yes ma'am! Theres quite a few not on there! So any favorites? DIB: I really do like them all! (laughs) really!! They're all good! RR: Thats such a generic answer, but thank you! I'll take it! Have you watched any of my videos? DIB: Yes, I have! They were all on someone elses channel.....Awkward! But yes, nice! RR: Awwwe Thanks! So any other favorite artists on Reverb? DIB: Nope, always been a RRCC fan! RR: Whatever! Rumor has it you are quite the Matt Stell and The Deep Roots Fan. DIB: Well I actually... RR: Dont care, moving on. Sorry I haven't got that Koozie to you yet! So wanna plug the "Drunk In Boots" Nation or say anything about the Great State of Texas? Nows your chance! DIB: No!!! Woo Pig Sooie!!!! #WPS #razorbacknation Next question? RR: (shaking head in dissappointment) No Texas love? DIB: Only for THE Coastal Cowboy! RR: Blushing over here! Ok, true or false..Did you actually tell a guy that he wasn't Coastal Cowboy enough for you?? DIB: Absolutely!! He was all into the Salt Life! RR: I dont even know what that means! But thanks for the plug! Poor guy! DIB:Bahahaha!!! Well.... Just sayin!

You guys have to check out Lauren or as she's more commonly known, Drunk In Boots on Twitter! She is outspoken entertainment at it's best! A true southern lady with a kick! Thanks for dropping in, Coastalites! Until next time! Keep it Coastal!!!!

New Happenings

The holidays are breathing down our neck and people are reaching into their pockets more often than usual and as luck would have it, having less and less available to pull out of them. The stress of fake smiles and fake attitudes our wearing us thin. I mean who doesnt really want to break Aunt Whatsherface's arm every time she pinches the hell outta your cheek??? Leave all the behind this season and get away, let go of priorities and inhibitions and get lost in the attitude of JUST GETTING COASTAL! no worrys, no bills, no stress. Let it rain happiness and let go of the world for a few hours! We take anyone in and never tell anyone to leave! Get your coastal on this holiday season! We've got some great venues in the schedule and hopefully some special guests coming too! Cold weather aint for everybody! Come see us!

Big Russ News

Sad news today.. Today we mourn the loss of our age old friend, Big Tex. After a long fight with severe medical issues, Big Tex asked that his wishes of cremation be carried out. We will miss you dear friend. Our prayers go out to all friends and family. Tonight a candlelight ceremony will be led by Josh Spivey where he intends to "pour one out" for his "homie". The Six String Boys will strap on their aprons and host a pot luck dinner for the family, fans and friends. Evan, says he will be preparing funnel cakes and fried snickers tableside. In other news,, our own beloved Austin English, (2nd runner up in the Big Tex pageant) will be filling in for Big Tex until a suitable replacement is found. Way to be there, Austin!

How far will your local Coastal Cowboy go for his fans??? Upon leaving the mean streets of Boston, Big Russ is now heading to the grills of Mongolia to bring music to the followers of the Great Genghis! When reporters asked Mr. Reed why did he seek Mongolian adventures, all he shared was "they're giving me a bar tab." Well said Big Russ! Well said!


Hey everybody, summer is starting to come to an end and I am starting to book shows for the fall. I have my first fall show booked at Bostons this Sat night the 25th. Hope yall can all come out and enjoy some great food, drinks, and music!!

Saturday Night!!

Hey everybody, first of all I would like to thank everyone who took the time to go vote for my wife, voting is closed and she should find out next week if she made it to the semi-finals.

This Saturday night the 30th will be my last show of the summer at the La Salle hotel. I hope everyone can come out and party with us!!

Aaaaaahhhhhh Sunday!

Its a beautiful day. I can finally say im done with the honey-do's and enjoy some time by the pool with my guitar. Id like to say that i finally got done building a deck around said pool! Zyna from Bryan, girl you ought to see it! Got to hang out with Josh and Evan from the Six String Boys Friday night and turns out that i somehow lost the ability to retain alcohol and didnt manage to stay sober throughout a drinking game. I dedicated Saturdays hang over to the Six String Boys. Congrats getting on the radio guys! Im super proud of ya! Also I want to give a BIG thanks to Sam from the La Salle hotel in Bryan Texas! you were very sweet and I loved how you and my wife made fun of me! Thats how you know someone like you right? And congrats on your marriage too! Cant wait to see you again in a couple weeks. And to my friend Jan at BVFM. you are so so good to my family and I. Thanks so much for everything you have done and continue to do! See you all soon!

Cottonwood Baptist Church

Guys thanks so much for having me out. I cant wait to come back.

La Salle Hotel in downtown Bryan

It was an honor to have the opportunity to play in such a historical and iconic landmark of our city. The employees were kind and very welcoming. Ive never felt so at home as i did there. Even the guests of the hotel were very warm and friendly. I hope i get to come again soon! Thanks so much guys! And to anyone reading this: you often here people reminisce about the good ol days, and how it used to be. If you have any interest at all in time travel and you want to experience the comfort and hospitality that was given when the downtown Bryan skyline was new, the id strongly suggest you stop by the La Salle and see for yourself what your parents and grandparents were talking about. Thanks again La Salle!