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Summer Tour 2012 - Fin

"So the shows over in Coeur d'Alene...do you guys wanna sleep or drive straight to Boise?" So we did. All night. Til 5am. And the crazy part is that we all stayed up all night and had fantastic conversation.

Hello Boise after noon! We crashed at Mel's sister's house which was quite the treat; they prepared really yummy food for us starving musicians! Oh, and I met with Jon Newman for more food, good conversation, and a quick jam out at River City Guitars. I love that place. But the mates were calling so I came back to pick them up so we could do a little busking downtown. If you are unfamiliar with busking...it is when you play music on a street corner (or similar venue) for tips. We thought we could make some cash playing right off the main street right as Boise's "Alive After Five" was kicking off. Well...our throats were sore, and Mel kept seeing people she knew, and Leify had an unfortunate event with his Martin guitar (which was fantastically fixed up a couple days later by Reno luthier extraordinaire Terry Scott!) where the instrument came off of the strap and embraced the warm concrete. That was God's hint to say that we should stop busking right then. Who knows, maybe a piano fell from ten stories up just a few minutes later in that exact spot and we were miraculously saved. Probably not but whatever.

We hung out at "Alive After Five" as long as we could watching a great act from Olympia, Washington whose name I can't quite recall...as well as (surprise surprise) more of Mel's friends who were also performing for their weekly festival. Then it was show time for us at Solid Bar and Grill. Mel brought in the masses and packed the outside patio. We all played in a round robin style of 4-5 each before switching just to keep the interest up. I was mostly just hangin out with Mo and Jon Newman. When you close your eyes and think of good people...they are textbook.

We crashed at Mel's sister's place again and were off to Reno at the crack of noon. Nothing crazy until we got to McDermitt, Nevada. Leify had shown Mel and I a song idea that he wanted us to contribute to where we could all sing it at the final show the next night in Reno (Friday, June 22), and we took extra time at the little burger joint in McDermitt working on harmonies and lyrics much to the surprise of their staff and customers. The song, titled "Drive All Night", was in fact finished the following day just a couple hours before the show was to begin...

Back in Reno! Back in Amira's arms! I gotta say I missed her more than a little...

Walden's Coffeehouse was wonderful as always and we had a great homecoming! I had another little surprise when I got to see my old friend Rachel Neitzke for the first time in years! She had a few days off from her service in the army and decided to take the time to come see me! Way cool!

Now I gotta admit...I'm kinda sick of writing! Journaling or "blogging" as the kids call it these days is not my forte. I'd rather live in the moment, but I may look back on these words years from now and remember a few things that would have otherwise been lost forever. I guess that's the whole point isn't it? I had a great time. I learned a lot. About myself. About music. About other people. I thank my lucky stars for the friends I have who went out of their way to support me, as well as all the new friends I made along the way. Especially Leify Green. That man is going to do big things. And I am proud to say I knew him just as the accomplishments were beginning to build up. Also to Mel Wade. This couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for your hard work, kindness, and patience that you showed me on this tour...I endlessly appreciate it!

Summer Tour 2012 - Medio

I need a vacation after my touring vacation! Wow! Mel and I played 13 shows in 15 days, 7 of them with Leify Green from Frederick, Maryland! Mel and I were doing fine, but Leify's presence really added a unique dynamic to our group with 3-part harmonies to boot!

So where was I? Oh yes, back in Corvallis! I imagined coffee with a fantastic egg sandwich and BAM! I found it at Imagine Coffeehouse; Imagine that! Plus, I finally got to see Ryan Stewart and Hazel Owens at this show, both of whom I met at a Hydrology field course in central Chile (South America) and both of whom are earning their respective graduate degree's at Oregon State! Hazel was actually my direct partner for the field course along the with lovely Daniela Castaneda from Boulder, Colorado. This show was fun, but I was really starting to get exhausted by this time! We also made some other new friends, like Ty Huard who drove all the way out from Eugene to see us play cuz Mel's friend told him that we were worth the drive...and we were! ; ) Yep...Corvallis down! I'll miss you!

Onward! To Tacoma we march, or rather, we drive quickly to pick up Leify! I was in a funky mood so I just threw on the head phones and head banged so Mel didn't have to go crazy in the process : ) I was fine once we got there cuz Leify gave us all the goods to make a tuna melt, which I had been craving for several days! Once done, we started practicing what was to become our set of 3 Dispatch songs we played at every show hence forth: Hey Hey, Out Loud, and Elias! Good times...

That night we played Forza Coffee in Seattle, which was PHENOMENAL!!! Definitely the best turn out of our tour, thanks to Leify! He promoted the show all week and brought in close to 100 people to pack the coffeehouse! It quite the experience too, cuz most of them were dancers and they were dancing (like West Coast Swing and stuff) to our music all night! Then later, we hung out with our awesome couch surfing hosts, and Leify and I were invited to go out skinny dipping in Greenlake with some of Leif's dancer friends; so we did. Not really my thing, but it was quite the experience.

Now off to Spokane...wait, WHAT?! Yes, we had to leave Seattle after like 12 hours. It really sucked and I wanna go back! But Spokane was...interesting. Yes. Spokane. Interesting.

We left Spokane a little early to get to Coeur d'Alene cuz I've always heard that place has knees like the bees...which it does! I loved the feel of that town! We bought some stationary, met some superheroes, played in the rain (played guitar in the rain to be more precise...not the smartest thing ever), ate at Moon Time twice in the same day, and drank tons of coffee at our next show's destination: Calypsos' Coffee. What a fun place! Their built in stage was definitely a stand out! Our first night there we played the open mic, since we didn't have our official show until the next night. We had a great time and were received very well! The next night we got similar love, and performed our 3-part Dispatch harmonies the best of the entire tour! Mel absolutely killed and I probably didn't even sound that bad...good thing we got it recorded!!! Leify play that back and oh, wait....we ran out of space?!?! Bummer! Oh well, at least I had my best friend Natalie Bergstrom and her parents drive 14+ hours OUT OF THEIR WAY to come see me play! Natalie lives in Arkansas/The Caribbean, so getting to see her was quite the treat! The last time I had seen her was at her wedding almost exactly a year earlier! What amazing people I am blessed to be around!

Oh, and as a side note to Coeur d'Alene, it was also pretty special because of the way Leify had a little 8(?) year old named David come up and play my cajon to one of his songs as well as beat-box while Leify played guitar behind him! The kid was amazing and definitely deserved his own little tid bit in here!

The Story So Far...Summer Tour 2012

Here I sit at The Beanery in Corvallis, Oregon. I want to be reading my new poetry book by Robert Bly, but instead I'm chained to this landscape of ones and zeros.

Here's the skinny of our adventures so far:

Quincy was an amazing kickoff! Barbara from The Drunk Brush welcomed us with open arms at an amazing venue and a kick ass crowd! My girlfriend Amira made the drive to surprise me right as I took the stage, and we spent the night in an old van at Rob's house, Mel's awesome brother. Rob sure knows how to cook too cuz the eggs in the morning were bomb!

Our next show in Susanville was met with another fantastic owner by the name of Steve-O! He really took us under his wing and we had a great second night! The crowd was small and intimate, but the listened to every word which is always the best!

By the time we got to Ashland, the feeling of being on tour was finally setting in. We passed out flyers like mad to promote for our shows, with few noticeable results. However, I did make a connection with a girl named Sloan, who I saw three different times in our two days there and she came and watched us perform on the second night! Paddy Brannan's was a great pub with delicious food, great whiskey, and even better people! But it was our next night at The Playwright where Mel and I really began to shine...taking root in the restlessness of travel, we are beginning to embrace being on the road! And last but not least was Erin and Daniel, who kindly put us up in their house and shared with us the music of The Honey Dewdrops, and band of which I have ordered CDs from and will be waiting for me at the end of this tour! : )

Then CORVALLIS! In my mind, this may be the most perfect place in the United States to live. I love everything about it here and have plans to go to graduate school here in the future. In fact, Mel and I were lucky enough to spend the evening with Laurie Childers and John Selker, a hydrology professor at OSU and another friend of mine from Chile. Les Caves was a fantastic venue with great beer and even better beer. They brewed some of their own beer, they imported other beer, and then everyone got into a circle and shouted "Bier, bier, bier" over and over until we were parched, so we stopped shouting and had another beer.

Lastly (for now) was our trip to Portland and back. What a sweet town. We stayed with my old UNR bud Ben Beal, and his girlfriend Stephanie. But as the night unfolded, I was able to see Adrienne Stauffer, my best friend from college come out with a few of her new chiropracticing friends; My wonderful Aunt Casey and cousin Cody; Alex and Victoria Duffy, whom I met at a Dispatch show just over a year ago; and Alex Miller with his girlfriend Estefania. Mel and I were also treated to share the stage with Portland local Karyn Patridge, who absolutely rocked the night with her stand up bass player!

That's it for now...maybe I'll head to the post office and post a few blogs the way people used to do them...on postcards! :-P

Cool Runnings, Liam Kyle Cahill

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