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Rather than one big release this year, we're going to do things piece by piece. Studio time begins in a couple of weeks to record a song for which we'll be shooting a video in February. Stay tuned!


I haven't blogged on reverbnation for quite some time. What a perfect time for an update!

Drummer Karl got married and bass player Ross is on a spiritual journey through Brazil. Needless to say, shows have taken a back seat this summer. Fortunately, many new songs are ready to be recorded for an upcoming (probably late Fall) release.

Okay, that's all for now. By the way, if you like us and know others who might, be sure to spread the word. A little promotion never hurt anybody.

Love, Jason

the horizon

Gravity and bad luck forced us into a short hiatus for a while there, but we're back! With renewed songwriting vigor and sparkly new instruments, we will be playing shows soon and begin working on our 2nd CD in August.