the official mixtape REMIXvol.2 is now available on http://www.datpiff.com/Young-Ghost-Remixvol2-mixtape.381606.html enjoy tha music #GME rate,comment,download follow tha team @YoungghostGME and @DjEarzExclusive

official mixtape REMIXvol.2

http://www.datpiff.com/Young-Ghost-Remixvol2-mixtape.381606.html download,rate, and comment on tha new released mixtape REMIXvol.2 #GME

GME engineering

if you need studio time need a track to mixed and mastered hit GME Young Ghost up on twitter @YoungghostGME or facebook Young Ghost or email aaronfreemasonjones@yahoo.com cheap prices fwu

GME 3 day journey

this is the third day of the busy weekend GME has had thursday had tha performance at carro's friday had a live tv interview and today the great 8th annual pool party hosted by FIYA of 93.3 come out n support the movement and come up of G.M.E.


come to jet lounge march 24 in support the movement if u get money u part of it def jam and atlantic records is in the building with AMIL records with performances from YOUNG GHOST/@ajfreemason and MELO/@fliboimelo

support young ghost

Aaron Jones

buy your tickets to tha BETHIPHOP AWARDS $20 yes $20 and vote fo young ghost in person or online at www.youtuberadio.net 2 dollars per vote vote as many times as u want support ya boi from tha Soufwest