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Free MP3 Download - 'Asshole Lives'

You can download 'Asshole Lives' (track #8 from our new album, Re-Coop) on MP3 for free for the next month here on RN.

Again, a warning: the song contains explicit lyrics and may not be suitable for all listeners.

Share it if you dig it!

A**hole Lives

Got a song and video from our new album up for you to sample.

It's the eighth track on Re-Coop.

Fair warning, though. It contains explicit lyrics and may not be suitable for all viewers/listeners.

Share it if you dig it.

New Album Release - Re-Coop...

It's been a long time coming, but we Pigeon types are very pleased to announce the release of our new album. It's called 'Re-Coop', and we hope you'll like it.

Re-Coop is an independent release and features twelve new Damn Pigeon songs. It's available now for digital download on CDBaby.com, iTunes and at other fine online music retailers.

Find it here:


Hard copy CDs are en route from the manufacturer and will be available at CDBaby soon.

We'll get some snippets and a free download song up here for you all straight away...

Thanks tons for your support,


Cheers to New Music!

Done and Dusted

Our new album - Re-Coop - has been mastered, reviewed and approved by the band.

Thanks to Seigfried Meier at Beach Road Studios for a job well done.

The album layout and artwork are in train.

Looking at a release date on iTunes towards the end of January.

We'll keep ya posted.

Almost A Wrap...

We're about 95% done on the mix-down now, it would seem.

We've listened to the tunes about a bazillion times, and we don't hate them yet - so that's a good sign, right?

I'm guessing we'll be sending them out to be mastered within a couple of weeks.

Still smiling.

Mixing Down

We've finished recording the Dirty Dozen for our new album (save for one drunken choir chorus) and are now in the middle of mix-down.

The forecast calls for smiles, laughter and puzzled looks - with a 70% probability of light ear fatigue...


Lead and backing vocals are pretty much finished now. We had the Pigeon Tabernacle Choir fired up in the studio last week.

It'll be mixdown time soon... :)

Vocal Land, Ho!

We stepped into Vocal Land last night after Mr. Proctor finished painting some more colour from his pallette onto the canvas.

Doug laid lead vocal tracks down for two of the new songs.

There was much rejoicing, and we didn't even have to eat Sir Robin's minstrels! ;)

Back at it on the weekend.

Saturday Night Sessions

Just back from a productive and entertaining session in Guitarland.

Mr. Proctor laid down some very cool solos on 'Only I' and 'Time', and they couldn't be more different from each other. Exhilirating, for sure.

Our producer has hinted that it's almost time to move on to Vocal Land...

Special Guests

Guitaring continues this week at the Pigeon Coop, using more familiar tools.

Some vintage axes dropped in for the sessions last week.

In addition to the Psychotic Hillbilly Dobro, The Triple G Trio made an appearance - Goldy, Guild and Gretsch. Their sounds are stunningly sweet.

The Boys were having Big Fun - rather like pigs in sh*t, but alas, all guests have to go home eventually...

Many thanks to Big Al for the loan! :)