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A New Review of 'Whisky Sinners'

http://365radionetwork.com/album-review-damn-pigeon-whiskey-sinners/ They seem to like it. We're tickled that they do...

'Whisky Sinners' Release Date - 1 May 2016

Well, it's official.

'Whisky Sinners' will drop on May 1, 2016 on CDBaby.com, iTunes, Amazon and at other fine retailers of music. The album features fourteen new Damn Pigeon songs.

Can't wait to share them with you...

'Whisky Sinners' In The Can

All 14 tracks slated for 'Whisky Sinners' are now in the can. The mixdown has begun.

Look for 'Whisky Sinners' in mid-May.

#newdamnpigeonalbum #whiskysinners

The Red Light Is Now On

We've had a very productive start to the recording of our new album, 'Whiskey Sinners'. Drum tracks for ten of fourteen songs are now done. Stoked and tingling.

Autumn Update

The latest goings-on at The Pigeon Coop include new album pre-production recordings, fall vacations, the odd show and - of course - more writing. Always writing.

Looking forward to laying down some of the new tracks for keeps soon.

Will keep ya posted...

Festival Season

Tickled and honoured to rock our hometown train-yard once again with Helix and The Mudmen on 20 Aug 2015.

Ticket link here:


Perhaps we'll see ya there, eh?

Album of the Week...

Here was a nice little surprise from this past week:


Thanks to all at Midwest Broadcasting Group - we're honoured and humbled... :)

Pre-Prod In Progress

Well, we've pretty much firmed up 8 new songs for the new album. Others are right there, just lying on the fringe. We plan to begin tracking for keeps early this summer. Can hardly wait 'til the red light is on again...

See ya in a bit...

Crash-diving now back into writing mode. We've got a lot of stuff to finish. Will try to get some new vids up soon, though. Continue to winter well, PigeoNation. PS. I hear it's nice and warm above the loading docks down at the bakery. Ohhh, look - part of a bagel... ;)


We've been nominated for a London Music Award and for CHRW 94.9 FM's Local Album Of The Year. Honoured and flattered... :)