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Thanks to Plews

Wanna say thanks to Steve at Plews Brews and of course bassit John Huckfeldt for a really fun show at Plews

Slims was fantastic

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Slims in North Portland. Great gig. Really enjoyed playing the Garage Rats. They've been together since 1969.

Slims Show Friday night Oct. 5

Huck and Wilson play Slims in St. Johns as a duo. Show starts at 9:00

Great Show st Slims

Full house at Slims on the 27th with Blues band 24 Horses and others. Specials thanks to Sparks, his bride Heather and Leanne and Brian for supporting.

The Wild Frontier Plays New Gig

The WF plays the Spare Room at 4830 NE 42nd on December 15th. We take the stage at 9:00 opening for Sam Densmore of Mastan Studios. Should be fun. Come!