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Annihilation Wave, 2014

"Annihilation Wave" is up for your ravenous enjoyment! 2014 has been a hectic year thus far for us, but not without some good writing. We'll have 2 brand new ones to present at our next show. Also, we continue to work on our recording and plan to have more songs up very soon. Thanks, you venomous heathens.

G.O. Fitz, "Across The River"

Thanks to Boatman's Toll and everyone that came out to show their support for our show at G.O. Fitz in Worth. It was an awesome time and we're looking to get more shows booked soon!

We're available for shows in the upcoming months! Contact us for booking information!

Also, we've started work on "Across The River," which is set to be the next song we throw up here, new songs should be posted in the next 2 weeks, and shirts should soon be on their way.

I Am Heathen

"I Am Heathen" is posted and ready to massage broken glass in your ear canals.

Check us out at G.O. Fitz next Friday, Sept 28th in Worth, IL for a free demonstration of Chicago metal brutality.

Also, we're looking to book some shows for the fall and winter months. Hit us up on here or our FB to get us on board. We're looking for maximum infection, so we're up for pretty much anything that could benefit from the presence of some aggressive pestilence.


Vayasindios has been uploaded.

We're playing another show at G.O. Fitz on Friday 9/27 @ 9:00.

Recent god Less News

-Played @ G.O. Fitz in Worth, IL. Great turnout, great time. -Shows coming up @ Junior's and YOTI. Details to come. -Demo recording to be started soon.

2013 Demo and Upcoming show.

This Saturday we're playing our first date out in awhile in Mt. Prospect at Ye Olde Time Inn. Awesome place, awesome bands, worth checking out.

The 2013 demo should be done in the weeks following the show. We'll surely post the songs as soon as they're complete.

Stay frosty you savages \m/