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Following Christ

Greetings to you,

Thank you for stopping by my website. I wanted to share something I saw today. My children and I were driving down the road and saw a mother duck and her ducklings walking across the street. I noticed how as the mother led the little duckling’s, they followed her without looking to the left or to the right, but looked straight ahead! There was an automatic instinct for the ducklings to follow their mother. They trusted every step she took would not harm them, but lead to their expected destination of safety!

As we sat there and watched, I said “Wow God what if we were like these little ducklings and followed You, never looking to the left or to the right, but trusted in You and You alone to take us to a safe place, our expected end?” 1 Corinthians 2:21 says, “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should FOLLOW HIS STEPS.” Like those little ducklings that followed their mother, that is the same way we need to follow Christ! As believers, this should be a natural instinct, without question or reservation. Now that can sometimes be easier said than done. As I watched the ducklings, I thought, “This must take discipline! There are so many distractions around them!” Oftentimes, we get distracted and take our eyes off of what is important. It is the enemy’s job to keep us from focusing on what’s really important. It’s like once you get your eyes set on Christ and you are following right behind Him, praying like you should, working in ministry, doing all you are supposed to do, here comes family problems, money problems, church problems, health problems…JUST PLAIN OLE’ PROBLEMS! And slowly your focus becomes those things and you start to veer off the course. When you finally look up, you realize all you see are your problems and Jesus is off in the distance. Well don’t be discouraged! Just call on His name and He will meet you right where you are and get you back on track!

Remember what happened to Peter when he got out of the boat? He had his eyes set on Jesus, but when the winds began to blow, he took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink! Life will bring some great winds and strong currents, but keep your eyes on Jesus; follow Him like the little ducklings followed their mother. Jesus was the best example and lets us know that we are to follow His steps. The road Jesus takes us down is narrow, and I must say it’s not always easy, but it leads to eternal life, OUR EXPECTED END!

Be Blessed My Friend, Angie Shields