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MIP on Australian Radio!

Canberra, Australia radio station VALLEY FM 89.5 is playing "Forget the Yesterdays" at around 5.15pm Friday night PST! you can stream at www.valleyfm.com

MIP to cancel 2 shows sadly :(

We are sad to say that were going to have to drop out of our show tonight in San Francisco and on Saturday in Brisbane. Our singer has strained her voice to the point to where we need to take care of. We are doing everything we can to get her back up to par! She is too important to us for us to risk causing permenant damage to her weapon. Family always comes first. Once we fully diagnose the problem details will be posted. We love you all for your love and support and we will make it up to the venues, and people that were looking forward to attending these 2 shows.

Forget The Yesterdays

Hey MIP fans!! Since we got such a great response on our first single of 2013 we thought we'd throw another one your way. 'Forget The Yesterdays' will be available on iTunes and Amazon on February 19th. We've also got some great shows coming up in S.F, Brisbane, and Galt so check out www.marchintoparis.com for details and more....See you at the show! MIP www.facebook.com/marchintoparis www.reverbnation.com/marchintoparis www.marchintoparis.com

A start to the new year!

Hey Hey!! So thank you everyone for an amazing 2012! You all gave us a great year! We haven't been very busy of the for front of live shows but we have been plenty busy! After long hours at Fat Cat Studios we have finally finished our 2 brand new singles, in which we will release soon. We are also still doing our time in the studio to complete our album. We do not have an expected release date for our upcoming album. The good news is we are going to release a brand new single at the start of the new year and will follow up with our 2nd single soon after. Keep checking us out in the following week right here on Reverb Nation and on Facebook! We will be having a contest that will give the winner a first hand experience/listen of our brand new singles!! Wondering when we will get out and play shows!? Well, Feb. 2nd we will be playing at Shenanigans in Sacramento with 2 amazing bands! Our friends in ZeroClient will be blessing the stage with us as well as Some fear None! We are also in the making of putting together some more shows through out the months across california and into Oregon and Washington so stay tuned for that!! In the mean time, keep on listening and we love you all very much! Happy Holidays and everyone have a great and safe New Year! -Kevin March into Paris

How you Doin!??

Hey MIP friends! So it's been a long couple months and some changes have happened. We had an unfortunate departure of our long time drummer so we have been busy working our butts off to find a replacement. We are honored to say we found that guy. So, MIP welcomes Jordan! We have been working hard getting him up to pace, which is paying off and we have recently wrote a couple brand new songs with this amazing drummer known as Jordan! We are planning on hitting up the studio to start working on our next CD very soon, in which we hope to have released by January or early February! Ooooh, and the time has come for us to call out sacramento! We are doing our final show in Sac for the year on October 12th at the always great Old Ironsides! So be there! It is going to be EPIC!!! GO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND CHECK US OUT ON YOU TUBE!!!! We will see you all soon Much Love!!! -Kevin

Hello MIP'o'holics!!

Hey everyone! Its seems I havent blogged since January!! Wow!! We've been busy so I apologize to those who read my little blogs! So whats new in MIP land!?!? We have been fiercely working on music for our next EP which we expect to be better than rest! I know, cliche... but it's what we aim for. Once we start playing again be sure to come out and check out our new live experience and our new songs! And my apologies to those that were planning on coming out to our last 3 shows. Due to certain circumstances we had to post pone our visits to the cities of San Rafael, L.A and Rohnert Park. We will be back soon! In the mean time keep listening to us and watching our videos! The support keeps us driving, and thriving to be better. Now go blast some March into Paris through your speakers and watch the Olympics!!! -Kevin MiP

Reno!! All Ages!!

Hey ppl! Long time since we have blogged on here! So we are looking forward to our All Ages Show at The Knitting Factory in good ol Reno on the 13th of january!! This is going to be an amazing show and once again we get to share the stage with the amazing Courtesy Call!! If you are in the area than come on out! Once again it is all ages and it is only 6 bucks! Plus if you ask nicely we have a few tickets we can give away! Ooooh and plus you will get to see something new! We have 4 new songs we are going to play! Eric and I (Kevin) did a switch a roo on instruments! Should be exciting!!! In the mean time keep checking us out and buy some tunes of ours on iTUNES!!! Love you all and until Reno!!! -Kevin

"Beautiful Chaos" out now on iTUNES!

Hey! So we finally have our new EP ready! It is now available on iTUNES so go and buy it! Show your love! We have posted a few songs here from the EP. Let us know what you think. Our CD release show is still on for August. We will keep posting all the details as the days go by. On this note, we personally want to thank some friends and ppl that have helped us get here! First off thanks to Scott Llamas at Popsmear Records for recording the tracks. Big Rob, Patrick and the rest of the Restless MGMT crew! Thank you to Erik Ron for taking our songs and making them what they are now! Thank you to Dylan from The 3-5 for the amazing artwork on the album! Most off we want to thank a few special people that are the best!! Jenni, Cristin and Evan King, Robert Boord, John 'Jizzon' Knight, and Katie Howard your support and dedication is amazing! And also thanks to everyone else that has followed us over the years! It means so much to us! Most of all we thank all of our families for putting up with everything we have done. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be where we are now! We love all of you! You keep on following and listening and we will keep on putting everything we have out there! We love you all! Now we will see you at some shows!

CD Release show!

Hey everyone! So we just set a show date for our CD release!!! And of course it will be in Sacramento, where we started!! The show date is Aug 4th @ Luigis Fun Garden, which means it is an ALL AGES show! So come on out and show your love and support! We will soon be posting up our new tracks here on reverb, facebook and iTUNES! We want to thank everyone for waiting so so long for us to finish our album. We will also be updating our pages soon with new info, bio and show dates! Keep coming back and checking in on our pages! Thanks to all and we will see you at the shows!

Album Update!!

Hey everyone! So we are still in the process of putting the final touches on our upcoming album! We are so close, and if all goes well we should have it up and available within the next few weeks! We want to tank everyone for there patience, and you will not be dissapointed! Thats it for now!! Till next time!