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CD release gigs for new CD,To Be Understood!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've touched base. Been so busy in the studio all year putting finishing touches on my new peroject, To Be Understood. Had the awesome opportunity to work in the studio with incredible talent, including Steve Clarke on bass, James Moss on harmony vocals and percussion Ken Gioffre on saxes (Blood, Sweat and Tears!), Jordan Jancz on cello. So many artists that took my breath away with their gorgeous offerings for my songs. Truly humbled me to work with these seasoned Pros. Gospel Keyboardist Chris Coogan on title track, and Nick Bariluk on keys on the funk tune Hurricane, along with Jon Luc Ponty's drummer Theirry Arpino!! These are ALL incredibly diverse and sensitive players who all took the time to really listen to my lyrics and UNDERSTAND what it was I was trying to convey. There is a thread that runs through this CD and it is a thematic one...of ending and new Beginnings. So many different stylistic influences, from Carole King to Santana to Van Morrison, but there is a cohesiveness in that my voice melds it all together. I hope you take the time to check out my link www.reverbnation.com/kathleenkruze and listen to a few new tunes uploaded, then purchase on iTunes soon!! See you at a gig in your area this Summer!! Stay cool. Kathleen

CD release of Night Owl!!

I am currently doing CD release gigs to promote my latest recording, "Night Owl". I am planning to play in Fairfield County and in NYC this Fall and Winter and am looking forward to travelling to points North up to Boston and Rhode Island to share my music with fans there as well. Had a great gig in Newport, R.I. this Summer and was invited back when the CD was ready...so I'll be heading back there soon! The CD is getting great feedback from audiences throughout NY and Connecticut so far and will be available on i-tunes soon! Thanks for checking in here to see what I've been up to. Till next time...take care and enjoy the music!! Kathleen