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Dead Trip 2014

Here we go, 2014 will be our 10th anniversary of our first album "Mirror the Humans" We will also be releasing our latest album through Casket Music, while working on new material for the next album (no release date yet). We will be doing a massive tour during the summer of 2014 (more info soon) in support of Algolagnia world wide release. Thank you all who have been with us so far and those that are still to come. Hailz to you all \m/

From Creation to Decimation

DeadTrip has been a 11 year project that has seen many changes in faces and sounds. The latest song I have posted is "Imposter at a Funeral" recorded with our original singer - Chris Casey, We will begin posting fresh songs with our new singer in the coming week. This is just to give you all a taste of where we come from and what we are trying to acheive. This track is way over produced in my mind but none the less check it out.