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Changing Focus

Things have been quiet here recently as I am more on the sidelines, devoting this year to learning and relearning jazz piano, and everything else about piano. Expecting to be playing out again the beginning of 2016, and hope to be posting some new music in the next few months.

Thank You!

Received an email today that I am in the Top 40 of the local jazz charts here in San Diego. Thanks for your support!

Private Gigs

Been doing mostly private gigs. Next week's gigs are two Mardi Gras gigs. Will keep you posted on public gigs. New opportunities are in the works right now!

Private Gigs Recently

I have been doing a lot of private gigs recently. Next week I have a few Mardi Gras gigs at some facilities for older adults. Always a very appreciate crowd. Also have been rehearsing for a gig in mid April. Will keep you aware of any public gigs.