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Resurrection Official Video Launch

We are very proud to launch the Official music video for our single Resurrection. It's a fantastic piece of work directed by Jim Crone and featuring Jenny Curran one of Irelands top models. We would like to thank everyone who worked on the production of this video. You guys rock! Lastly we would like to dedicate this video to the late great Benjy King, Producer and friend.

The Almighty Fallen

R.I.P Benjy King - Top New York Producer

I recently posted this on a media networking site and thought I would share this on RN with anyone who new the late great man.

Top music producer Benjy King traveled from New York, USA all the way to little Belfast in Ireland simply because he liked our music and wanted to work with us, his fee was his flights, a bed to sleep in and a place at our table. He asked us not to tell anyone that he waved his fee but, not he's gone I guess that doesn't matter much - I guess that sums Benjy King up right there!

However, I'd like to say a little more about my late friend. On Benjy's first day at Joesgarage recording studio just outside Belfast, he checked out the room and was ready to work right away! He may have been a little eccentric but, there was no doubting his genius. He had spent a lifetime learning his craft and here he was sharing it with us. As well as playing bass and co-writng the songs in the band with Phil. I am also a recording engineer/producer in my own right. Benjy and I had hit it of from our first email contact exactly a year ago before he came over and I could not wait to work with the great man. I must say that we didn't always see eye to eye, but I guess when there is so much passion, excitement and I guess ego's in a room just add a tight deadline your gonna get fireworks in more ways that one lol Benjy had wanted to video the sessions with his little flip camera he had bought especially for that reason, unfortunately he was so focused in his work that he completely forgot, which is a great loss and a pity.

He brought so much to our performances as musicians and added real quality to our songs. Personally he taught me a lot about being an engineer/producer but also how to work with people. Benjy had a real gift with people, not just as a producer but as a free spirit who made people feel better by simply being in the same room with them. He shared so much of his past with us, funny stories and silly accordion jokes lol

I learned a lot from my friend Benjy King R.I.P and miss him, if you are interested he produced a fantastic four track EP for our band 'The Almighty Fallen' of which the title track 'Resurrection' is available on iTunes, give it a listen. Benjy was truly amazing to work with!

We wish Benjy's family and close friends our greatest respect and our deepest sympathy,

Rest in Peace Benjy,

Joe Goudie, Phil Dixon and the rest of the guys from The Almighty Fallen.

NALEDi  (over 5 years ago)

Great tribute. I'd heard good things about Mr. King before but this is a real portrait of the man behind the curtain. Producers like that are hard to come by, about as hard to find as Doctors who are in medicine to heal. I'm very sorry for your loss. His spirit's fingerprints live on in all the songs that felt his golden touch. x

Resurrection Video

we just finished the third day of shooting on the resurrection video and I gotta say it was an amazing experience. The Director Jim Crone and his crew were fantastic, it's of to the edit now and then you guys can see it.

NALEDi  (over 5 years ago)

"Resurrection" is a timeless song, and I'm so glad that it is now preserved like a beautiful fossil frozen in time under ice... that tells a story far bigger than itself. I know its an amazing experience to hear/feel a song inside and bring it to life outside, so it must be an incredible experience to see/imagine a vision and watch it come to life on film. I hope you had a great time making it and I look forward to seeing it! ♥

T.A.F and TRV rock the LP, Coleraine University, N.Ireland

We played the Listening Post tonight with special guests 'The Red Velvetines' (TRV) who were fantastic live! If you haven't seen this band, look out for them! Tight rhythm section with Buddy Guy'esk licks and velvet like vocals delivered by a very alluring female vocalist. Go see them, they'll give you their all. Also it has to be said that the promoters were great and really looked after us, thanks guys. However, the crowd were just awesome, Warm and knowledgable, these people know and love their music and if you rock they will totally rock with you..amazing!! T.A.F We also played our part, Incensed by The Red V's, high on the atmosphere and gee'd on by the crowd, we lashed into our set. It was hot up there tonight and we rocked hard and fast. Eager to reward a whole new audience, have them go away and talk about us to their friends. We are already really looking forward to returning to The Listening Posts stage again soon, only with some great new songs in our armoury!

The Almighty Fallen

Crone to make Resurrection Video

Tonight The Almighty Fallen are meeting with legendary Top Belfast Photographer and Film Director JIM CRONE. After hearing 'Resurrection' for the first time Crone was in no doubt that this was the musical content for his new Rock Video. Tonights meeting in the bands own recording studio will hopefully see Crone and the guys not only decide on when shooting will begin but also who will play the lead female role in the story based Video.