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Consider downtown...ROCKED.

In what has possibly been one of the most exciting shows to date, Don't Call Me Betty was privileged to be the featured entertainment in downtown Bloomington, Indiana's People's Park. The band's performance was sponsored the City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department as part of the Summer Concert In The Park Series. DCMB played a full-throttle set of rock staples to an appreciative and enthusiastic crowd Tuesday, August 14, 2012, and there was much dancing, singing, and fist-pumping to be seen. A representative from the Parks Department walked the grounds and estimates up to 200 fans were there enjoying lunch and some favorite tunes, LIVE. Wow! Consider us humbled and honored. Many thanks go out to the City, to the merchants around the park who graciously allowed us to play without reservation, and especially, to our fans, old and new. We couldn't do this without your support: you guys are great. Rumor has it that we gained half a dozen new facebook "likes" DURING the gig! How cool is that? Stay tuned, because Don't Call Me Betty is primed to play a show approximately every 3 weeks for the foreseeable future, so there will be ample live rock to go around....see YOU at a show soon!

Were in print....again!

Don't Call Me Betty was pleased to be featured in the Arts/Entertainment section of the August/September 2012 issue of Bloom Magazine! Pick up a copy of Bloom today and check out the entire article, or go to www.magbloom.com for a link to the current issue. Sweet!

Summer won't last forever....DCMB rocks in Autumn

Update time! After our first out-of-state road trip to Arcadia Brewing Company in Battle Creek, Michigan, Don't Call Me Betty took a much-needed hiatus. We maximized our free time in various ways: climbing glaciers and fleeing from moose in the Rockies; long rides on tricked-out road bikes; time with family beside tranquil lakes; and good old fashioned work. But, alas....summer draws to a close soon, and DCMB is primed and ready to kick out a boatload of live shows, including house parties, outdoor shows downtown, university functions in fancy halls, good old bar gigs, and more. You in?? That's what we thought. Check back often to our Facebook and Reverbnation pages to stay current, but rest assured, we shall bring the rock in large doses. See you there!

DCMB have rocked this town!

Ever feel like you've really connected with something? Don't Call Me Betty is feeling exactly this way, after completing a jam-packed Spring season of gigs averaging a show per week in April! We have knuckled down, done our homework, and brought the rock to Bloomington and points beyond. We're in this business to entertain, and shows at venues including roller derby bouts, private parties, and outdoor sing-alongs in the woods have honed the band's chops and made us hungry for more. Thanks go out to all the fans, new and old, who have come out to cheer us on, shake their groove thang, and generally have so much fun it reminds us anew why we put it all out there. Rock and roll is fun, personified, and playing it live and feeling it "click" is something close to bliss. Thank you for supporting DCMB as we expand our repertoire, explore new opportunities, and prepare to turn the page on an exciting new chapter in this endeavor, when we travel out of state to bring our particular brand of live music to Battle Creek, Michigan. We rock the Arcadia Brewing Company in June, and can't wait to rock a "foreign" crowd like only we can! Jump aboard and enjoy the ride.

DCMB explodes from the chute, guitars blazing

What do you get when you cross a glitzy private show with a double-bill benefit rock blowout, then top it off with a dose of roller derby rock and roll madness? Well, you get THIS WEEK! That's right; starting with a super-secret, super posh set tonight, Don't Call Me Betty is ready to bring the rock to Bloomington three times running. It must be the season for awesome live music, 'cause we are giving it to the masses with gusto. Hope to see YOU front and center at a DCMB show soon.

Wow, what a ride so far.

This is DCMB's inaugural blog post, and in this exploratory spirit, I'll keep it short and sweet. In short: playing rock music in front of people is sweet, man! We have had a great time at the last few gigs, and have received support and encouragement that is nothing less than amazing from our fans, both old and new. Thank you! DCMB is booking shows like crazy, and I recommend a quick trip to our Facebook page to stay current on the status of these events. Let's see...so far this year, we have played a really fun Halloween party, done a semi-unplugged acoustic set of protest-themed songs from the 60s in November, rocked out for a swingin' crowd at the Panache Studio not once, but twice (!), and gave a capacity crowd at Max's Place the rock show of their dreams. To our tremendous surprise, Don't Call Me Betty received stunning media coverage and regional exposure in a blowout, full 2-page spread in the "Attractions" section of the Sunday Herald-Times (newspaper), March 18th! This unexpectedly fulsome article showcased the band's backstory, personalities, and influences, for a readership in the thousands. Again: WOW. Super cool, all around. In other news, a little birdie told us that we will also be featured in the upcoming April/May issue of (ready for this?) Bloom Magazine! The promotion train just keeps on rollin"! Hey, we'll take it. What's next for DCMB, you ask? Hmm...how does a benefit show April 26th, a butt-kicking halftime set at a roller derby match two days later, an outdoor concert at a historic state park, a road trip to Michigan, house party or two, the odd bar gig, AND a lunchtime set in downtown B-Town sound? That's what I thought. Well, we just can't say how much Don't Call Me Betty appreciates and loves its fans, and we look forward to continually honing our chops to bring you guys the kind of rock and roll you want to hear, because we promise you, we definitely love to play it for you! Peace.