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In the presence of Green Man

Tonight I'll sing songs of green, in fruits of blue, yellow, purple, orange. Tonight I'll drum and chant down love's loss and return. With the help of two great musicians, Javier Chapparo and Laura Mordecai, my wish is to fill your soul with a place of belonging. Till the time, Norm

House Concert afterglow

HooooooMaaaan! The show this afternoon with Javier Chapparo, Laura Mordecai, and Gretchen Janzow was about as good as it gets, so smooth and seamless, enjoyable all around. Thanks to all who could make the time on a beautiful sunny day.

Another rainy day

I want to be an antenna keep turning to where I can be best reception a tuned instrument that hums with the day

Rainy days are good for writing

I'm looking at this pile of unfinished songs, saying "yeah, I could do that."

Back at it

Coming out of the jungle, literally. Glad to be out doing some shows. More to come with some new songs. https://www.facebook.com/events/422522087923955/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Without You

Just finished a demo of my new song, Without You. It's raw but I kinda like it that way. Enjoy!

2013 One Man Big Show tour in full swing!

This is the first solo tour I've booked outside of Texas. I'll be including some Halloween treats, songs about witches and such. Moohoohoohaw! Looking forward to it, you bet!



ask any pilot. flying is easy taking off and landing are the hard parts certainly for the fledgling jay bird with all the adults hanging and hovering clamoring and cooing but what about this day? I mean, if I have to get up anyway why not practice a little a few moments aloft and away reminded that gravity takes all ... but the practice gives weight to that calling things are only difficult when I don't take time to learn


The Dragon of summer afternoon waits hiding in the morning dew and other treasures in these hours which so quickly disappear I muster my kit hunker down get ready for the slow crawl