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Hi everyone, Just want to tell you the update. First of all, I have been getting all of your emails asking when we are coming to your countries. We were in the middle of booking this extensive European/U.K. tour when another project came along changing our time frame a bit. The box set of all five seasons of "Ally McBeal" is finally coming out in America, along with a "Best of Ally McBeal" CD, which will be released all over the world and which includes the song "I Know Better" and a previously unreleased song called "Something About You" that was on the show. Due to this release, we needed more time to set up the tour. We are working with Sony and their promo team, and we just needed a bit more time to do this properly. I am so eager to get back out on the road, as is my band. We have decided to push the tour to January/February. The only shows that were confirmed were the German shows, and we already have new dates which will be announced within one week. I do apologize for having to change the dates. I know that many of you have already purchased tickets and made your plans. I hope that you will still be able to come to the shows at the new time. These things sometimes happen, but this is a first for me. I hope you understand. In the meantime, this may explain to everyone else in other countries why we haven't posted dates yet for the rest of the tour. We will be letting you know the update within a few days. Thank you all for being so understanding. Can't wait to see you out there! We are also releasing a new CD which was recorded on the last European tour. It is a live CD titled "From the Sun Tour Live." It sounds pretty rockin'!!! This is the best band I've ever played with!!! This will be a special release for the next tour. See you very soon... it's only a few months away! Love, Vonda


Hi! Just wanted to say hi. We're busy planning the European fall tour and I am thrilled that we will be coming back! We are also planning a LIVE,"FROM THE SUN TOUR" CD that will be released in the fall. Most of the CD will be from the show we played in Murcia, Spain... (It sounds pretty cool!) Anyway, I'm writing the next album and, as always, the process is fairly arduous and lengthy, but it's coming along. I always read Anne Lamott's "Bird By Bird" when I'm struggling with the writing process. One of the first chapters is titled "shitty first drafts"!!! Truer words were never spoken. So much of the writing is perseverance, patience, sitting there waiting for inspiration to hit, whilst trying not to be overly critical. Editing is a huge part of the process. As you can see by this blog, I am at present not sitting at the piano, but finding more interesting things to do!!! It's Monday! I need to WORK!!! Bye! Vonda

Home Sweet Home

Hi! We're home after an amazing tour! When my friends and family ask how it went, I have the same response every time... it was the best tour I've ever done! I know it wasn't the highest attendance of my career, but that didn't matter. The people who came to the shows were so enthusiastic, as were we to play for you. We're already looking forward to the next European/U.K. tour in October and November. I felt so inspired to play these new songs that I've begun to write the next album. This will take awhile, I know, but there is a lot of positive energy for writing in my life. Thank you all for making this such a happy time! My band also had a great time and they look forward to the next one. See you soon... Love, Vonda March 17th, 2009

What's New

We just got confirmation that "From the Sun" will be released on November 16 in Europe via PanShot Records with a tour to follow in early 2009. The new CD will be released in the US on September 16. We're in the process of booking actual shows for October/November following the September promotional tour. See you on the road! Love, Vonda

Hi everyone, it’s me, Vonda!!!

Hi everyone! It's me, Vonda (finally!). How are you? We're gearing up for an exciting release at the beginning of Sept., as Kelly mentioned. I am finally getting a bit of time to check in with MySpace, my website, etc. We were working on the artwork, which is finished. Looks cool! The band & I did a little east coast run...so much fun! I love touring, as you know...hope to do lots more soon. I have a new agent, and will be booking the fall pronto. Also, we pushed the European tour to Jan. Feb., as we need lots of time to set up the record. (sorry!). We'll get there, I promise. Some of the best memories of my life are from the road. Can't wait to see you all out there (Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, etc...Estonia, Lithuania...Latvia)!!! Miss you! Also Houston! I've been trying to get to Houston, Florida etc...I hear you Houston! It's a big world, but I'm gonna paint it! Love, Vonda

Finally... a release date!

Hi everyone, It looks very much like August 19 is the US release date for "From the Sun." Europe will get it in September and we're working on an Asia-Pacific deal too. All the details are currently being finalized along with a Borders' tour and some Fox morning shows. You'll be able to get your fill of Vonda in just a few short months. Stay tuned for more... Thanks for the support, kelly o/b/o team vonda