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February's Teasings

Dear Friends, February can be a teaser of a month. Did you know that it ends on the same day of the week as October every year? Or that in leap years, it is the only month that ends on the same weekday it begins. As January 2013 comes to an end we have enjoyed a lovely, warm spring-like day, but the long term February weather forecast keeps us in the real world. We know there is more winter to come, and that’s okay. Cold weather is a good thing as it gives us all a well-deserved rest. It cuts down on the amount of spiders that move into the house. And the snow and ice help bring up the water table. We’re grateful for all four seasons.

We are also grateful for the opportunity to have joined up with our Prairie Home Companion brothers and sisters for a couple of shows in Madison, WI last Saturday, where winter was in full force. The Guys All Star Shoe Band was in fine form, sparked along by the inspired playing of Dean McGraw on acoustic and electric guitar. Brother Dean brings a spirit, intensity and love to his playing that we thoroughly enjoy. And Garrison Keillor was his usual brilliant and entertaining self. After 37 years of working with him we still marvel at his abilities and his work ethic. We were glad to make it out of Madison just before an ice storm socked the town in.

In early March we’ll go to Nashville, TN to record a new CD to commemorate or 40^th Anniversary of performing. We can’t believe we’ve been at it so long. It’s just what we do and have always done - with your help and support. Thanks so much for hanging in there with us.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: It’s every day, every day. Always, always!

All the best, Robin and Linda Robin and Linda’s web site: www.robinandlinda.com -

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Happiness in 2013

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We brought 2013 in with good friends and good music but, unlike some New Years Eves from earlier times, we were back home and in bed by 1:00 a.m. When we think of the stamina we used to have, we’re astonished. Now we pay too high a price to have the kind of fun we used to have. It’s humbling to become boring.

December’s shows were really fun mainly because they were all so different from what we normally do. Our holiday show crowds were excellent and we wrote a new song called “The Old Familiar House (On Christmas Day)” which added a little spark for us. Then, two days after Christmas, we did two Hank Williams Tribute shows. We were talking with Jim Watson about how we’re sometimes not ready to be torn away from home and going back to work so quickly after Christmas, but how the “Hank” shows with all the camaraderie between the musicians always makesus glad we did. Tom Paxton once saw one of the shows and commented,“It’s amazing what good material will do for a show.” He should know. He’s right up there with old Hank. Next year will be our 17^th yearof doing them.

We still have our tree up and will enjoy another evening of its lighthere on January 6^th, the day of Old Christmas. But then tomorrow we’ll leave Christmas behind for another year and move on. All the lights and ornaments will go back into their boxes and up to their special place in the attic. We have enjoyed our Christmas tree this year,a cedar that we cut down on the side of the road. We delved deeply into our ornaments box and came up with some that Linda’s family collected as gifts from a grocery store in Missouri when she was in elementary school. They are precious, both in their beauty and in their sentimental value. It’s hard to believe they’ve lasted all these years.

Bumper Sticker Of The Month: Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

Now here’s a word for you: Triskaidekaphobia. It’s the fear of the number 13. I know we should probably take some time and find out where Triskaidekaphobia comes from but, for us, time is precious and besides we here are not going to let the number 13 dissuade use from thinking that 2013 will be a good one for us all. So, again Happy New Year.

We’ve got two shows coming up this next weekend and more at the end of the month. If you’re close come on out and listen to some live music.

Your pals,

Robin and Linda

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Tis the Season

Dear Friends,

It's hard not to have been jolly this last little while. It's been beautiful here in the Shenandoah Valley with sunny days and the temperatures in the 60s. We looked out today and saw four bluebirds in a redbud tree in the front yard. And while looking at the bluebirds, two blue herons flew from a creek across the road. Linda has been in the garden planting garlic. Bluebirds in December! Gardening in December! Who'd have thunk it?

We're getting ready for our holiday shows coming up the middle of this month and are enjoying getting back to those songs. We'll be using some of the songs from our CD "The First Christmas Gift" and, as usual, are adding some new songs in as well. With that in mind, if any of you would like to give the gift of music, Robin and Linda would love to help you out. You can go to our website - http://www.robinandlinda.com - for any of your shopping needs.

We mentioned a couple of months ago how we were riding on the shoulders of our dog towards incredible fame and fortune with a song we wrote about her, "Tessie Mae. The good folks at Red House Records, somehow or another, got a copy of it to Bark Magazine who did an interview and wrote a small piece about the three of us in their "Dogpatch"section. Tess seems to be totally unaffected by her new star status but Robin and Linda are expecting big things out of her. Here's the link for those of you interested: http://www.thebark.com/content/muse-robin-and-linda-williams-song-their-dog.

Bumper Sticker of the Month: When I want your opinion I'll give it to you.

The next time you hear from us the year will have turned; and we'll all be wondering how 2012 could have gone so fast and wondering if 2013 will pass as quickly. A couple of months before Robin's dad died at the age of 89, we called him and, first off, asked how he was doing. He answered by saying: "Oh my life is like a roll of toilet paper." And then silence. Knowing Robin's dad and realizing that a joke was coming, we bit and asked him what he meant by that. "Oh," he said, "the closer I get to the end, the faster it goes." We're starting to realize what he was talking about. We're thinking that 2012 was good for us we're hoping it was for you as well. And we're wishing for you all a peaceful holiday season and a wonderful 2013.

Your pals, Robin and Linda

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___________________________________ December 13 - Ashland, VA - AshlandCoffee and Tea, 100 N. Railroad Avenue - 8:00 pm - 804.798.1702 - http://www.ashlandcoffeeandtea.com

December 14 - Williamsburg, VA -Williamsburg Library Theater, 515 Scotland Street - 7:30 pm - 757.259.4070 - http://www.wrl.org/programs

December 15 - Louisa, VA - Cooke-HaleyTheater, Louisa Art Center, 212 Fredericksburg Avenue - 7:30 pm - 877.774.2787 - http://www.louisaarts.org

December 16 - Staunton, VA - nTelosTheater, 300 Churchville Avenue, 3:00 pm - 540.712.0001 - http://www.shenanarts.org

December 27 - Harrisonburg, VA - 16thAnnual All Star Tribute to Hank Williams, Court Square Theater, 61 GrahamStreet - 7:30 pm - 540.433/9189 - http://www.courtsquaretheater.com

December 28 - Alexandria, VA - 16th Annual All Start Tribute to Hank Williams, The Birchmere, 3701 Mt. Vernon Ave - 7:30 pm - 703.549.7500 - http://www.birchmere.com

January 12, 2013 - Kent, OH - The Kent Stage,175 E. Main Street - 8:00 pm - 330.677.5005 - http://www.kentstage.org

January 13, 2013 - Ann Arbor, MI - The Ark, 316 S. Main Street - 7:30 pm - 734.761.1800 - http://www.a2ark.org

January 31, 2013 - Hillsborough, NC -St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 210 St. Mary's Road - 7:30 pm - 919.732.9308 - welcome@stmatthewshillsborough.org

Family, Furnaces and Thanksgiving

Dear Friends, We're just back from a fun family weekend in the Washington, DC area where we all gathered for the baptism of our nephew's son. It's the first time in years we'd seen Robin's brother and sister and their offspring assembled for something other than a funeral or a wedding. Weadded a fewerrands on to the trip and bought some wine and a new computer and, while we were at it, decided to go see "Lincoln," Steven Spielberg's new film - which has a big R & L seal of approval. We came back home Sunday with every intention of getting this newsletter out that night. That was before we found out that our furnace had quit. Since then everything around here has been in an uproar. Luckily we have an old friend that knows about "dual fuel"(note the rhyme) furnaces and a new friend named Bill in Palisade, MN who can supply parts for a thirty year old antique. Hopefully the parts will arrive and be installed before we have to leave this weekend.

It's been a lot quieter around the house this week now that the election is over. We here in Virginia, a "swing state," were inundated with phone calls every day, most of them robo-calls. Linda once answered the phone by saying, "Is this a real person?" It wasn't.

Bumper Sticker of the Month: "For God so loved the world that he gave us Darwin to explain it to us."

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and, as it fast approaches, we're giving some thought to the many blessings we have been granted. Health, happiness and good friends lead the list. Oh, and having work that we love is a true Godsend. When people ask us if we are thinking about retiring, we think about what Garrison Keillor has always said to us, "What would we retire from?" A musician must play - and having audiences to play in front of surely does make it a lot more fun. So we hope we see you somewhere along the way when we get close to you.

Your pals, Robin and Linda

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From Koka Booth Amphitheater

Dear Friends, The weather is perfect for an outdoor show. We're on a break from rehearsing for this evening's A Prairie Home Companion in Cary, NC. The Koka Booth Amphitheater is a wonderful venue and the staff here is, to a person, fun andfriendly. It's that North Carolina style we suppose and it is engaging.

The rehearsals are going well. What is great about today's show is that we know and are friends with not only the APHC staff, actors and band but also so many of the other performers. There's Big Medicine, a tight old time string band with great vocals and energetic instrumentals that all come from a very deep well. Adam Granger, whom we've known from the early days of APHC in the Twin Cities, and Anni Spring have some really strong guitar and fiddle numbers. And Heather Masse and Aoife O'Donovan, two young, strong vocalists who have some unique and fresh songs that will be highlights of the show, we're sure. And Garrison has written some really funny scripts. He's amazing. It's going to be an outstanding broadcast.

As we write this we can't help but have Doc Watson on our minds. His recent death has saddened us greatly. He has meant so much to us over the years and he helped define the direction of our music. We're keeping him in mind during this show and will think of him tomorrow as family and friends gather for his funeral in Deep Gap,NC. We'll miss him but luckily we all still have his music.

Better go. Albert Webster or Tom Campbell could show up any moment and tell us that we're wanted on stage. Bumper Sticker of the Month: Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

Hope you're all doing well. Come out and see us if we come anywhere close to you.

Your pals, Robin and Linda

April's News

Dear Folks, The last five weeks have flown by for us. Life with a new knee is really good so far. Robin was out of the hospital in three days and has been rehabbing like a dog on a bone ever since with the coming weeks' work in mind.

Linda, when not vying for the FlorenceNightingale/Mother Teresa award, has been gardening every spare minute and is way ahead of most years. Late spring usually finds us playing catch up on most things around the house and place, so it's sort of nice to feel like we won't be scrambling when we return home. And while it's been a beautiful time to be home, we sure are dry. The days have been so balmy and lovely that one hates to complain, especially when considering the extreme weather conditions that continue to plague parts of the country. But in the back of our minds we're wishing for rain. What's that saying, "be careful what you wish for?"

We're looking forward to all the upcoming work. Robin just came in from cleaning the van, readying it for the trip to Minnesota. Going out to the Midwest is almost like a homecoming for us, having spent so much time out there in our many years of performing. There are lots of friends and lots of memories that come from those traveling days. We're playing some of the old favorites and a couple of brand new venues. We've been keeping our calluses up, learning songs off our new recording, which now has a title. "These Old Dark Hills" is also the title of the last song we finished right before going to Nashville to record. It's become a favorite of ours and we look forward tobringing it and some other new pieces onto the stage at our upcoming concerts. Plans are for the CD to be released on Red House Records in late July.

It's always a treat to join up with the A Prairie Home Companion gang for a broadcast show, but this one on April 28 at the fabulous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN makes us realize with all honesty that it doesn't get any better than this. We are working on some special material for the show and also hope to sing our song, "Maybelle'sGuitar and Monroe's Mandolin" on that sanctuary of a stage.

We'll hang around for a day or two afterwards and get our CD cover pictures taken by Jim McGuire, photographer extraordinaire. If you're not familiar with his wonderful portraits check out his website: http://www.nashvilleportraits.com/ and have a look. We've had the pleasure of working with him 3 or 4 times in the past and always enjoy being in his studio and in his company.

Then we'll turn right around and head to the northeast for a couple of shows the first weekend of May. After we get back we'll be sure and write and let you know what's going on.

We were sorry to with draw from the Alaska cruise. When push came to shove too many folks had to drop out at the last minute for us to make it work. We were happy to find that most of the folks who were signed up decided to continue on without us and we wish them a bon voyage. It was apleasure working with Lynette Miller and it was a hard decision for us to make.

Bumper sticker of the month: " I'm living the dream, one nightmare at a time."

We look forward to seeing some of you along the road. Please tell your friends if we're coming their way.

Your pals, Robin and Linda