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VICES (poem)

You go on a night out with your friends, everyone is sitting down quiet on arrival, today you're lucky enough to be seated next to a stunningly dressed female, you're feeling lucky. Perhaps you got jitters, talk to her, you know you should, but you don't. Suddenly, the drinks roll in, the cigarettes and all and you loosen up, you deliver the quick and sharp lines, then its a wrap, you can call it a night. These are the VICES. Some call them recreational tools, table fillers, wallet emptiers, status boasters, addictions. Excess of any of these can be fatal, make you "High" like they say. Livers beg for mercy while filtering these harsh fluids, Lungs choke us up making us fall short of breath when exerted. And then the hallucinating one; Bob Marley made it more popular, Sean Paul said legalize it, time to recognize it and it finally made Snoop Dogg change his name to Snoop Lion, also Ice Cube and Chris Tucker made us laugh about it on that movie "Friday" its the Weed of life, Cannabis Sativa. How can I forget, the motherload, the craziest of all. Thousands die everyday over drug wars in South America and around the world, they're sold in "Keys"...Keys to what perhaps, people ingest them and take risks on flights only to come out their rear ends on arrival to change their financial status. Al Pacino was destroyed because he got high on his own supply, must I go on. Some say traces are still found as a secret ingredient in your favourite drink "Coca" Cola as it was a main ingredient 100 years ago. The Colombians own it.... You know what it is..These are the VICES, why we indulge? Ask yourself that question....

Written by Nicholas Oghieakhe aka. N.I.C

N.I.C is a songwriter, poet, and artist currently living in Abuja

Contact: @nicxxs