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Protest Songs

I want to announced that I will be launching a site dedicated and featuring Protest Songs, one of America's proud traditions and examples of Free Speech. Stay Tuned as it will be launching soon. Thanks Freedom Fighters !

2015 was a great year, here's to 2016 !

Hi everyone, I know it's been ages since Ive posted anything on this Blog, to be honest I've been so busy I almost forgot how to get back into my RN account! Anyhoo. .I had a great year in 2015, fully recovered from my 2013 injury to my shoulder I performed several dates in the fall to prepare for my 2016 plan of action. I'm going to be diversifying just a little with my career and in addition to stepping up my performance venues to concert halls, theatres, auditoriums etc. ; I plan on also beginning to audition for certain film roles on television, streaming or work in the motion picture industry, I see this as going hand in hand with music and writing these days, with so many channels now, I may even try my hand at animation or screenplays.

All in all, I hope it will be a profitable and fun year for "Sweet '16" - also don't forget to vote, ( but Don't send me political bumper stickers, please, I will not put them on my guitar case. . LoL)

Return of the Firehorse

The new album is here! Released on June 9th 2013 my new cd RETURN OF THE FIREHORSE is now available for sale at my live shows as well as a host of outlets including CD Baby, Amazon, MyTexasMusic and more!