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New direction for my reverbnation page

I promised in my only other post on here that I would be providing new songs every so often. A few years have passed, and now I have a band with which I can record and play rock. As such, I've decided to shift my focus of this page and instead post noise recordings and prepared guitar improvisations here. It's an avenue I personally find enjoyable and relaxing. I'll post more as I come up with pieces which I feel justify posting. Thanks much for visiting my page.

First post/Hello World!

Hey all, I've just uploaded a song demo. Not great vocals, but I'm proud of the solo! It was recorded over the course of 3 days in my room using a RockBand microphone and Audacity. How about that? Maybe when I get some better software and hardware it'll sound a bit nicer, but for making home demos it works fine. Let me know how you all like it.