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Into the Fall!

Aloha Everyone! Wow! What a summer! I have been playing more places and gigs than ever! And what a great learning experience as well! Playing that much for such a varied group of people here on Maui has been challenging and incredibly rewarding! The result is that I am appreciating my original approach to standards and covers and people are as well! You can't ask for more! I am so blessed to be able to do this and it keeps increasing! Going to take more time to write as well! So stay tuned! May take this on the road this year! You never know! Album coming as well! Aloha all my friends! See you here on Maui!! Dan

Summer Time!

Aloha everyone! What a beautiful day outside! Thinking of adding some vintage Hank, Sr. and Merle Haggard to the set list! I grew up with this music and it blends with my 12-string style! Plus, you all have been requesting these songs for a while! I've been writing some songs for underwater videos lately. They are posted on my song list so you can check them out. Not so commercial, but really capture the feel of the ocean and the photographers! Ciao for now!

New Song, good summer ahead!

Memorial Day Weekend coming up. Two gigs over the weekend, one at Three's and one for Lahaina Arts Society! Awesome! Just posted the latest version of "Hey Mighty Whaler". Have some more small kine tweaking (not twerking) to do and then off to Mastering. Three or four more songs coming soon! See you all here on Maui this summer! Aloha!!

New Year, new directions!

Aloha, everybody! Been working hard on the 12-string solo thing! Getting huge feedback, Thanks! Just finishing up on a collaboration with a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, $Bags! The new song is sounding absolutely insane! Really fun, rewarding, and challenging to be part of a whole different genre and cultural group! Challenges and stretches an artist to new levels and directions! Wow! More later!

October Update

Aloha all! Been very busy lately. Working on some new songs! They will be posted pretty soon! Also, the new band is getting great reviews and feedback! Really exciting! Lots of gigs upcoming and setting up more as we speak! Thanks to all of you for the great support and encouragement! Love to all of you!

I Got the Blues

Now, we are moving forward with a whole blues set! We are ranging from Son House and Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Elmore James, Wilson Picket, and up to Jeff Healey, Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Amazing feedback and awesome roots! Plus my Strat likes me a lot more now!!

Start a Movement

Had a dream last night that I was sitting on the stage at the Ryman with Woody Guthrie. Just settin' there and talking. He challenged me to get off my butt and start pushing a Folk music revival. Time to get those old songs and new ones out there and become socially relevant again! Told me to go out and do it! Spooky! But I am considering it! I think I'm in!

Ouija Brown

Hey all! Just posted a new song and am getting good feedback already! Swampy, Steve Earle kind of a vibe is what people are telling me. So stoked to have it out there! Hope you enjoy it!

Lahaina Arts Society

I will be playing for the Art Society underneath the Banyan Tree in Lahaina a couple times a month. First gig, March 24th, next, Saturday April 13. See you all there!

Studio work

Okay, rehearsals winding down. Now I am going to concentrate on laying down all the new tracks. Ouija Brown will be the first to get done!