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Latitude Festival 2012 highlights video

Aartwork have been spotted in the official Latitude Festival 2012 highlights video!! It is a brief 2 seconds at 1min39 - blink and you will miss it - but it is our highlight of 2013 so far! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mYVYSTSsphQ

New sounds!

Have started working on our new ambient/dance set. Exciting!

Life stuff

Four gigs over the weekend, a radio live session repeat, family life stuff and a days work today....not as knackered as I thought I should be....must be getting younger!

Choosing Tracks for the Playlist for Monday Evening's Live Session

Trying to choose tracks that have influenced Artwork for our live session on Monday evening with Roger Petit's Roots & Shoots on Felixstowe Radio 107.5FM

So far: Workhouse - Firing Line Horace X - Bad Lies Edward II - Rocky Road Afro Celt - News from Nowhere Bodega - Inward Chimmney Shooglenifty - Da Eye Wifey/Woods No 1 Dreadzone - Captain Dread Croft No5 - Cutting the Cake Tony Rice - Track 21 (have lost the CD cover and don't know what it is called but Vassar Clements is amazing on it!) And then there is The Bothy Band, Moving Hearts, Brebach, Gwendal, Seth Lakeman, The Levellers, Bob Dylan (Desire with Scarlet Rivera playing), Fairport Convention etc etc Not sure how many tracks we need to choose - but it is so hard to choose! There is so much good music about!!

1st Sutton Hoo Beer and Music Festival and the 1st FolkEast festival

Great atmosphere and fun at Sutton Hoo - played a set on the BlueBusTour stage at the 1st Sutton Hoo Beer and - thanks to Peter Hepworth for the BlueBusTour stage, Chris Mapey for organising it and running the beer and thanks to the National Trust for an amazing setting!

Shame we couldn't hang around to see the other awesome BlueBusTour acts, but needed to get going to Lowestoft for the 1st ever FolkEast music festival to play a set there. Thanks to Amy Soapbox for asking us to perform and organising the Soapbox stage and to FolkEast for putting it all on.

We felt we performed well at both venues, sold some CD's and were offered potential further bookings...

Steven Ley's open mic at the Blaxhall Ship

Played two new sets of tunes at the Blkaxhall ship last night...The Green Boat Hornpipe/The Blind Sailor Hornpipe and some blusey Americanary thing - not quite sure what it is and doesn't have a name yet. Both seemed to work well though. Thanks Steven Ley for a great night at the Blaxhall Ship!

Nayland Holistic Festival

We had a fab day yesterday playing a set at the Nayland Holistic festival in Nayland Village Hall, Essex. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere due to the lovely people there! Big up to Keziah Osborne for organising it x.

Latitude Festival as part of Noise of Art's Psychedelic Curiosity Shoppe

We are very excited to have been booked to play at Latitude Festival this year (13th-15th July) as part of Ben Osborne's Noise of Art Psychedelic Curiosity Shoppe in te Pandora's Playground area of the festival. There will be lots of great acts on this stage, so looking forward to an amazing weekend!

Post Festeaval Weekend

What an amazing weekend: Great to see old friends again and make new friends at Landed Festival in Wales. Back to Suffolk on Saturday morning for Festeaval. Saw some amazing music, made some lovely new friends, had an awesome time with old friends, played one set in Wales and two sets in Suffolk, had some great jamming in Wales and Suffolk and sold a number of CD's. Thank you people, thank you GrassRoots, and thank you thank you TheBlueBusTour AKA Mr. Peter Hepworth xx

Festival Season Looming!

Less than one week to go before Landed Festival, Rhyander, Wales were we are playing on Friday (4th) evening on the GrassRoots stage. Then back to Suffolk for the amazing Festeaval in Woodbridge where we are playing 7.00pm Saturday 5th May on the BlueBus stage supporting Kal Lavelled, Kevin Pearce and Bastille!! Look through our gig list for tickets/details.