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Coffee tastes better on Sunday mornings

So time for a little update. Steve OfUtley and Shannon Rierson will be joining me in the studio in February to get some more rocking tracks down. I'm really looking forward to playing with them- a great rhythm section and best of all, super nice guys. I read an interview with Joan Baez where she said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that even though she toured with A-list players, if she had to do it all over again she would have toured with people who were B-list players who were fun to be around. I'm getting more and more excitied about this project, which is good. I had a cd nearly completed a few years back, then the drummer inexplicably quit without any warning, via email, no less, and erased all of the tracks, including the click tracks. He will, of course, burn in hell, but it took me a bit to get over that one. I also wanted to recommend Nicole Medina Photography to anyone in the Austin area who needs photos done. Nicole was really terrific to work with, fast and professional and worth every penny. Check her out at nicolemedinaphotography.com.

That dog!

I wanted to acknowledge Barkley, the Best Farm Dog Ever, who was a really good sport about wearing goggles and posing. Not once, but twice, after the computer crashed and I lost the first batch. He was great at greeting you with a tennis ball, chasing only as directed, tolerated cats, would allow you to bathe him in exchange for snausages, and, like most dogs, loved to have his belly rubbed. I think he was a spitz/great pyranees mix with some Bastrop County hound something to give him a beautiful black coat, but also had a purple tongue, so who knows? All I know is he was a righteous dude with a gentle demeanor who was always at the gate with a smile and a wag. Barkley "crossed the rainbow bridge" earlier this year, and I hope when he got to heaven, he got his testicles back. He is greatly missed.