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Studio Day 3

We are starting to put guitar and bass lines down for the E.P and they are coming along well. Big thanks to our studio team and all of our there help and support. Another Big thanks to you the fans for wanting more!! its nice to be wanted and we promise you shall have more!!

In the mean time we have put a video of our time in the studio so far. This we would ask you all share with your friends and your fans and even people you don't really know, to help us reach 150 facebook Likes so we can post Part 2 :)

Studio Diary Day 2

Hello T.S.P Fans, here we are with an studio update after an outstanding session with the Machine that is our Drummer Mr. Mark Rice all drums are have been recorded.

We now look towards putting down bass and guitar tracks in the coming weeks!

Studio Dairy day 1

Well today is today we entered the Studio. As a band we decided that we have enough songs to record a double E.P which could very possibly turn into our Debut Album! We're not looking at what we're calling it yet, all we know is that we are going to record more songs than what we intended which is fun for because it means more studio time, and its great for our fans because there will be more for you to listen to.

We've spent today playing with guitar tones through different amps and using different Mics to record with. Currently favoring a 3 mic set up for the guitar for its sound which our live sound tech summed up as "Its captures a more ball to the wall tone than the other mic set ups." So we're happy with our sound and plan which mean the next step for ward is drums! any questions on our gear or recording techniques ask away in our Reverbnation Question Box!!

Gearing up for the gig and entering the studio

This week we've been away from the studio and any practicing because Pagans been off skiing. Not that his trip has been waste of the bands time. its always good to get away, to take the mind off everything and let some new ideas in, which will be beneficial to the band in the long run, with new riff and lyrics to play with.

Now that we are back in the same city we are gearing up for the gig on the 24th Feb at the Royal Park Cellar in Leeds before we head back into the studio to begin to record the drums, for the E.P

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Into The Studio

Well we're been writing, gigging, and having a blast with everyone we're met. So we have decided to head in to the studio to record Our Debut E.P, so what have we been up to? Well So far we've book more shows, and started recording the guide tracks, for all our songs, Keep up to date with all our going on, on Facebook at Twitter.

We Are The Saints Prevailing

We are The Saints Prevailing and this is the first of what we hope will be many blogs.

We have spend the past 6 months, perfecting our sound, over coming the growing pains that all new bands face, to create something at that is unique.

We have big plans for the next couple of months, so watch the space!