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The Flinging Times Review

"Fifth in line on a night marked by no salient or detracting weakness in any aspect of her performance, was Beth Goldwater. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a fully ensnaring voice, Goldwater shifted the mood with a refined and rhythmically inveigling set. By far the highlight of the night, Goldwater dominated the crowd and stage alike with a striking blend of surreal child-like innocence and experienced maturity. Combining a poetic sense of honesty with a commanding air, Goldwater never allowed for a note or word to expire that did not align with the spelling quality of her artistic delivery." -Gus Rocha, The Flinging Times


So if you could see a video shot of one of my songs, which would you like to see???

New Review for Throwing Glass

“I absolutely love this album. It's filled with strength, intelligence and emotion and blazes a trail to a place few other artists dare to travel. Each Song tells its own story as it winds its way through the wonderful acoustic melodies. Her voice is as smooth as silk, jubilent at times- dark at others- but it never lacks strength and significance. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who likes acoustically driven songwriter style music." -iTunes

I'm blown away, thank you 3

iTunes and Amazon and CDbaby, oh my

My debut solo album, Beth Goldwater ~ Transparent, can be found on all three music sites! Yeee :)