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A Quickie

Let me start off by saying that this post has nothing to do the rapidity of love making... except that you and I are contemplating it now. It has to do with a quick update on the bands activities.

The desire to invent, the insatiable palette for creation and the bands relevance has not allowed us to slow any part of our processes down. Performing, writing, rehearsing, and booking have increased since our formation - a sign that we revere and it's not fading any time soon. The world is getting bigger for us quickly and surely. AJ has increasingly groundbreaking riffs and soulful solo licks at his disposal everyday if not every hour. Dale always has either a heavily grooving or soothing new bass line that turns your bones and cartilage into ice-cream under the Florida sun. Tyler is constantly increasing the heart-rate of our audience from his throne because they're either dancing or headbanging... both happen at every performance and you can feel our pulse in his beats. And, me? Well, I'm always turning a new page in my sketchbook to scribble my eccentricities on. If I'm not teething at the microphone to achieve an ear-tugging "WTF?" I'm roaming the stage on some kind of sweaty mission while I'm belting out my journal entries and paintings.

When we take the stage I feel like I've just stepped into the deepest and darkest part of the ocean... then the music starts and I'm instantly thrust to the surface.

Each time we perform I find myself among some familiar faces and a lot of new ones who seem eager to know us... Honestly, it's one of the best feelings I've ever known. I think I can say the same for all of us in the band. We're humble guys. We're not so eager to expose ourselves unless of course that's what you want from us. In that case you're probably the person having a drink while we're conducting a sound check. You might have heard what you wish the hair-gel and body odor club was playing over the bathroom speakers and walked away... towards something real. You might be the person who's sick and tired of the same old indie-hipster-pop-core catastrophe, the guitar so fuzzed up you can't even hear what's being played, there's so much delay on the vocals that it sounds like 15 people are talking through one mic... And, we're happy to receive your "feed-up with the drones who think they're not drones" attitude. Talk to me after the show PLEASE! Mention this and I'll give you a free demo and a hug.

This has obviously turned from a quickie into something else. Shut up and keep reading... you're loving it anyway

As far as our "progress" goes, all I can really say is that we're having a lot of fun. The amount of fun we are having is........ well it's.... just look at this.

Makeshift Wings Fun Regular Fun

We write songs and play shows because we fucking love it; we love every part of it. We want to give something back to the world that has painfully carved us out of itself, the world we live in... We want to give back something positive. It's a simple exchange. We're not hunting down record execs or begging for shows. We're making rent. We're making friends. We're making peoples evenings end with a "hey, at least there is still good music in this shitty economy". We're making people dance. We're making it into our fans hearts. We're making real music. We are Makeshift Wings.



Black Taxi with Makeshift Wings this Friday!!! And... new music?!?

We'll be at the Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery in Boca opening up for one NYC's most prominent live acts. Make sure you stop in and get yourself a demo!!!

Great night at Propaganda!

We had blast last night. Got rid of all of our demos, made some new friends and fans, and we got to play at one of our favorite venues in South Florida! Ahhhh, wish we could do that every night... See you again soon.