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Here to announce that Angwish is getting serious now about the space video! We have missed out on the milestone of being the first to do a video in space which was the actual goal, but we believe our initial artistic vision is still in tact! It costs $500,000 to go to space so we need your help now! There are some rich superstars out there talking about doing their own videos in space so this is your chance to help the indie underdog! Donate and for the right price we'll do anything. ANYTHING. Private gigs, learn your favorite song, free stuff, write a song about you and your significant other, etc... we're musical mercenaries because we must reach the final frontier!! No, this is not a joke, we completely and sincerely intend to record a video in space! For more info, please feel free to write. You can make your donation at www.angwish.com and coming soon are details on the grand prize that the top donor will receive!

Angwish Monkey Video Fund!

Now you can help us reach our $1800 goal! That's the cost to rent a chimpanzee to appear in our next video! It's been my lifelong dream to make movies with monkeys. This dream took a great leap forward into reality when I wrote and recorded "I Wanna Be Your Monkey" as the new bonus track on our "Data West" b-sides and rarities CD. The costs involved caused us to shelf the project temporarily but with your help our artistic vision can finally be realized! You can donate as much or as little as you like, and all who donate any amount will be invited to the making of the video in Las Vegas Summer 2012! So this Christmas if you have your parents credit cards at your disposal or you are filthy rich and want to help an impoverished alternative rock band then visit www.angwish.com and click the "DONATE" button after scrolling down the page a bit....alright, see you in Vegas, it'll be a party!!!