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The Temple Of The Lost Voices

The plot of the Temple of Lost Voices is a creation of the journalist Sergio Pereira for a comic book.

Some " Lost Voices " changed the destiny of the story that ended up becoming this musical adventure.

"The original story is based on the diary of Marcel, a man who was feeling miserable with the way his life was taken. Then Marcel decided to leave everything behind and hit the road with no destiny, crossing the Western American Deserts.

At a certain point of the LA 40, Marcel was taken aback by a sudden apparition of a black hole, a tri-dimensional portal which sucked him into a great fall, reminding us of a certain Lewis Carrol’s Alice.

When he stepped his feet on solid ground again, Marcel was lost in a Strange World which he soon named Phoebos. Three floating suns, abandoned ruins and an unbearable heat did not make him feel welcome at all.

Soon Marcel had his first encounter with one of the native inhabitants of Phoebos: The Raptors. A kind of half -humanoid speaking dinosaurs , the Raptors soon saw our hero as a tasty variation of "Today’s Special" . They would have succeed in their task, if it were not by a last minute intervention of Modeinos, another surreal creature of that world.

Modeinos, a kind of lion with a scorpion tail, rescued Marcel and sheltered him at his cave. There he treated Marcel’s wounds and told him about the stories and secrets of Phoebos.

At that point, Marcel started considering that his previous life in L.A. was not that bad after all.

He asked Modeinos to help him to find his way back and then he was taken to a Salamander tribe , known as the Maikanas, a place where Marcel would meet a wise Oracle, the only one in that dimension who could help him in his quest.

From the Oracle he heard: " The answers you are looking for can only be found in the deepest corners of the Temple of the Lost Voices. Everything which was spoken since the beginning of the Universe do not disappear into thin air. Therefore, the voices travel to this Temple where they are kept as the keys to all the mysteries.“

But from that moment on, Marcel should proceed alone. Nobody who had entered the Temple before had returned to tell what was seen.

The Temple façade reminded him a gothic cathedral. Nevertheless, inside it, only solid cubes of different sizes and heights and star-shaped holes on the floor could be seen. Those elements were in fact a very complex network of mystical portals.

As Marcel entered the Temple he started hearing the voices. In the beginning, they were like whispers, but soon they turned into laments, sinister sounds that stroke the bottom of his soul. He should quickly choose his path before going mad.

Penetrating in one of the portals what he finally found was not his way back, but his own essence in the Cosmos.

A never felt freedom’s feeling invaded him and between a portal and another , Marcel finally found the peace that he was looking for when he left Los Angeles and ran in high speed over the LA 40. "

The Space Messiah

The whole plot of "The Space Messiah" was a dream, one of those few dreams we do not forget. This is a story of pain, redemption, disillusion, fall, but most of all, hope. Any similarity with the Gospels, Superman, the Round Table, Easy Rider, the Icarus’ legend, Sidharta, Benitez and Däniken writings may be not just mere coincidence.

” In a spacecraft in a distant galaxy, the last survivor of dying planet observes through the window the final breath of his world now destroyed by the insanity of the war.

Many light years later, the destiny brings him to the limits of the Earth.

Being attracted to the Blue Planet he immediately feels the strength of the human love, but at the same time felt suffocated by an even bigger amount of hate.

Decided to do to our planet what he could not do for his own, he lands on the Tor of Glastonbury and starts his journey of knowledge and healing on this entirely new world.

He ends up on a road where he meets a group of 11 bikers who stand around one of their friends, dead on the floor, victim of a lost bullet.

Using the energy he absorbed from the Space during his trip, the new Messiah resurrects the 12th biker . In gratitude all of them decide to follow and help him in his love mission.

After some miracles and a lot of new followers that came along, it seems that he will succeed.

But the real enemy is inside every man’s head. No matter how we desire peace, there is always an Inner Hall of War inside our minds that controls our acts, corrupt our hearts and push us to the grounds of violence and death.

That’s how it ends to him. Unable to change human’s nature his followers turn back to the their greedy side and the war comes back. Incapable of controlling the situation he sees all his followers dying victims of their own irrationality.

Deluded, he flies back to the space letting a line of fire across the sky.

In a cave, a hermit sees this line as a sign, a sign that his enlightenment is complete and that he must head to the low lands in order to share his knowledge, love and tolerance with the world.

Like him, the Ladies of the Lake see it the same way and when the hermit reaches the Island of Avalon they are already waiting him to sacred him as the New King.

As a king, his fate will take him to the same quest for peace of the Space Messiah.

The story repeats itself, and against all difficulties, another one will try to succeed where many others had failed.”

The Singles & Outtakes

The songs in this chapter include 2005 recording session with Jose Plascak “Jazzman” and the 2007 Single “The Cottage”.

After the recording of “The Space Messiah”, J.A. Moraes and Walter Scheufler got together with guitar player Jose’ Plascak in an acoustic project. Plascak had worked with J.A. Moraes in other bands in the past an also participated in some tracks of the Space Messiah album.

Jazzman was one of the songs recorded at those sessions. The song has a more straight rock’n’roll approach and the lyrics are a kind of collage of some elements of Moraes’ studio at that time.

“I look to his toys and the decoration stuff and started writing a story connecting all of them. I felt like Kevin Spacey in that movie “The Usual Suspects”. In less than 5 minutes the lyrics were ready and after that we jammed hours and hours. The sound was so vibrant that nobody wanted to stop playing.” – says Walter.

Another song from that session, “When the Werewolf Comes to Town”, can be appreciated on the "Video" session of this site.

“The Cottage” is one of the songs of the new album “Stone City”. This ballad is a good example of what can be expected of this album that now is being recorded