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New record, interview and some dates...

Work is going well on "The Winter Garden". Just finished the vocals for everything, and it's looking like it'll be done within the next month, recording-wise. Got a great write-up from the uber-talented and funny Patricia Spork, over at http://www.sporkbinge.com. Check it out if you have a spare minute or two. Also: Looking forward to heading down to the hill country for a few days for Chiro Java and Cheatham Street. Good times will be had. Until next time, live wrong and perspire! -c.

new record...coming soon

Lots of new music coming in '08. I'm about finished up with the recording of my new LP, "It's Better on the Other Side". All that's left to do is track some of the percussion parts, some steel guitar and some keyboard tinkles here and there. It's just been time consuming as this is a solo album in the truest sense of the word and there've been other projects eating away at my time. This LP will be more widely available than the last one, and not to mention, the sound quality is closer to pro this time around (as in this one wasn't recorded on a four-track machine). Other projects that I've got planned are a voice and acoustic guitar record of old folksongs that my grandparents would play for me when I was a kid. It's kind of a "thank you" record. I'm also doing a record (an EP, probably) with my punk band and working on Jeremy Reagan's solo album. Stay tuned. -chris edwards