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My movie streams free all weekend yo

Check out "FAKEST A Hip Hopera Mockumentary" fo free here all weekend long yo.


Damn yo.

I totally forgot that Reverbnation got a blog section yo. Sorry homies. Stay high yo :)

Here be the NEW SUPA JOINT video yo! Happy Birthday Mothafucka!



New Video comin this Saturday.

So Friday night, at The Firehouses' First Friday Night Live show, they gonna be World Premierin the new video for "Happy Birthday Mothafucka". I'll post that shit to youtube as soon as they air it yo. Dope.

Smoke weed homies

Aw yeah


quick new little porch jam

I Love the Marijuana (Reggie Watts)


Smokin joints...

Smokin blunts smokin weed, yes indeed cut me open and it's green I'm gonna bleed. For the battle for the top, we never concede. When we take the stage not impede the stampede. Supa Joint's flows run hot till we through. Hot Rock and Volkom that's the Supa Joint crew. All these other rap groups don't know what to do, cause we drippin cheese on em like a fondue. -- Step back while I hack. Gotta clear my throat cause I'm on the attack. Always lookin forward, never lookin back. And I got a pocket full of that fat sack. -- So I'm gonna smoke weed as I start to creep. And I never ever dream when I fall asleep. So I got to live the dream while I'm awake. Volkom drop the bass on the human race!

My manager said...

I got to blog yo. So it's about 2am. I be smokin weed on the porch and typing this on the ipad. I be playin with that DM1 app tryin to find the perfect beat for this new rhyme I got cookin in this bowl yo.

Smoke weed y'all. Hot Rock